Dallas Cowboys Draft Talk: Top Three Positions of Need

Here lately we have been going over numerous teams leading up to the NFL Draft. Today’s topic, America’s Team: The Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys made moves last year to help their struggling offense by adding wide receiver Amari Cooper in a trade with the Oakland Raiders. The price they paid for him may have been a bit high and the debt comes due at the end of the month. So far this offseason the ‘Boys have done admirably in filling holes through free agency. Let us stroll through the top 3 positions they should look to fill with their remaining draft picks in 2019.

1. Defensive Tackle

  • With David Irving officially out of the picture in Dallas, the Cowboys have a big hole in the middle of the defensive line. Granted Tyrone Crawford can get the job done, Dallas still needs to bring in some talent and if this isn’t the draft to do it when is?

1A: Dre’Mont Jones – Ohio State: This one may require Dallas to move up to a late day 1 or early day 2 spot. It is a reach but one that could be well worth it. The guy has excellent burst and quickness off the snap and enough size to hold his own. He can create havoc in the backfield and brings in the ability to play the 3-technique, which fits Dallas’ scheme. A knack for creating a pass rush, Jones has a huge NFL upside.

1B: Dexter Lawrence – Clemson: Yet another reach, but one well worth the risk. While Lawrence never really got back to being the player he appeared to be as a freshman, the talent and skill are still there. The fact that the guy is a mountain helps as well. Standing 6’4” weighing in at a whopping 342, the guy is a freakish athlete. Thanks in part to his less productive sophomore and junior campaigns he is falling to a late to mid day 2 pick.

2. Tight End

  • I don’t care who came back from retirement or who they may have on the roster currently. Dallas needs a Tight End. An every down type guy. Someone who can provide a solid edge for Zeke in the run game and give Dak the dependable receiving outlet. There are a couple of guys who fit the bill this year. Jerry Jones needs to get his hands on this guy though…

2A: Irv Smith Jr. – Alabama: This guy has a family NFL Tight End pedigree. That’s not what makes him special though. With excellent speed, hands and shiftiness Smith Jr is going to be an NFL tight end for someone. Why not Dallas? The opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s from one of the best to ever do it in Jason Whitten will only help him. More than likely will be available when Dallas comes up on day 2. With a “never say die” attitude, he will be a player to develop for the years ahead and can contribute from day 1 on the field. Irv is an excellent red zone weapon in the passing game and can flat-out put a hat on a man to seal the edge for Zeke and Dak.

3. Safety

  • This was a soft spot in the Cowboys’ defense last year. They definitely need to look at a couple of guys to shore up the position. There is some solid mid-round talent this year as well.

3A: Mike Bell – Fresno State: Projected as a 3rd or 4th round talent, I believe he is highly undervalued. While he didn’t run the most impressive 40 at the combine, he does have downfield ball skills to appreciate. He is versatile enough to play free or strong safety and can crash down to help with run defense. This guy could be a steal for someone. Has the potential to develop into a starter and could provide Dallas with some much-needed help.

3B: Will Harris – Boston College: This guy was part of one of the nations best defenses in 2018. Racking up 75 tackles and a pick last year he put himself on teams big boards with a statement. He has the size to play strong side and ran a good 40 at the combine (4.41 sec). He could be another dark horse steal for a team needing safety help.

With the draft just over two weeks away and free agent signings from the now-defunct AAF popping up this will be an interesting year to watch.

What do you see as the top three positions for the Dallas Cowboys? Leave a comment below.

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