How To Look Cool When You Watch The NBA Live

For most people, finding or even knowing the right apparel to wear during a live basketball match can be overwhelming. This may actually be the reason why some of us decide to stay home and enjoy the game on TV. But what’s the fun in that when you can have all the thrill and action in the NBA live arena? Well, for this season, we are here for the rescue. So, don’t stress because we’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips on what to wear when you want to watch NBA live.

Ladies First

To all the women out there, there are all sorts of trendy clothes and accessories worth giving a shot to the next basketball live game. Here are some hacks for you.


Of course, not just any will apply in this segment. Go for something that is both cool and comfy. Boyfriend jeans are good when they are rugged, worn with a pretty blouse, Cubs Jerseys, or a team hoody.

Rock It With Sneakers

One thing about sneakers is that they are both fashionable and you’ll never go wrong with them. This is especially so if they happen to be colorful and still eye-catching. Some other bonus benefits include comfort, coolness, are stylish especially when worn with jeans.

NBA Fans

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Cool Beanies

During the cold season, it would be wise if you can manage to arrange some head covering. Chic beanies are perfectly stylish if worn to top off a cool faux leather pant and plaid tops.

Crossbody Bags

Well, it’s important that your hands remain free during the entire game, with the exception of a drink or a snack. But, for your other items such as your make up kit, phone, or tickets, a crossbody bag will surely come in handy. Look for a bag that has a strong cross chain strap that matches with your outfit.


You can wear any kind of jewelry but ensure to still remain casual while at it. Scarfs are also a great accompaniment when they are of team colors.

For The Men


Nothing compliments a great basketball outfit than a pair of cool retro kicks. The best thing about these shoes is that they’ll go well with whatever you decide to wear. To rock the event, wear them with your dark-colored jeans and your favorite team’s jersey.

Fitting Pants

If you still want to appear fine and polished, slim fit pants are a great option when worn to a basketball game. These are best worn with a pair of sneakers and some fine team jersey or hoody.

Team Hoodies

How else would you rather cheer up your team than in a stunning team hoodie? Jerseys are a great option but most people prefer hoodies because they are comfortable and cool at the same time. These are best-worn with some cool jeans and sneakers.

Denim Jackets

If you’d prefer to be a neutral fan at the basketball game, why not rock it with some fine denim jacket. One thing about denim is that its lightweight and it’ll still serve the purpose of keeping you warm.

You now don’t have a reason to miss out on any live NBA match come whatever season. As you may still see fit, you can find some trending styles that celebrities wear during live NBA matches.

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