Arizona Cardinals Draft Talk: Top Three Positions of Need

As of now, we are 20 days away from the NFL draft. Currently, almost all the speculation surrounding the Arizona Cardinals revolves around one player in a position that is not needed at the moment. So taking a peek at last season, let’s see what the Arizona Cardinals must address in the draft.


Pass Rushers

Sure, last season Chandler Jones was his usual self and put up stellar numbers. But there were some games that became clear the only thing opposing offenses needed to do, was double team him. The Arizona Cardinals ranked 20th in yards allowed last season. A mean defensive line is the number one way to attack that this draft. With players such as Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams right there, just waiting to be teamed up with Chandler Jones and Terrell Suggs. Drafting a pass rusher number one overall is the easiest way to turn things around immediately.


Wide Receiver

Larry! Larry! Larry Fitzgerald is retiring. This is it for him, for almost all of his career he has been this team’s entire hope at wide receiver. Between him and Christian Kirk? That was all the Cardinals offense had at the receiver position as weapons. Reports have come out that the corps kept running the wrong routes and dropping a lot of passes, reflecting quite badly on rookie QB Josh Rosen.

Here is the thing, wide receiver is not as glaring of a need at number one, but for that second round pick? Certain players are must-grabs, my personal hope is they end up with either Marquise Brown from Oklahoma or N’Keal Harry from Arizona State. Worst case they can wait until the fourth round to see if they can grab a dark horse receiver out of Colorado state named Preston Williams to address this need. To give Rosen, or whoever the quarterback is this upcoming season, some weapons to make a true impact.


Offensive Line

Here is the deal, it is completely unfair to judge Josh Rosen because of this glaring need. He had no time to think in the pocket. A lot of times he barely had enough time to step back to make any reads. Do people think some other quarterback can just plug and play into this? No way. The Cardinals must address this to give the team the best opportunity. In the 2018 season, the offensive line became a who’s who of new faces, there was hardly any time to grow offensive line chemistry resulting in bad offensive production overall. One thing about this position is that even in rounds three and four there is still plenty of talent in this area. Look for the Cardinals to address this in later rounds after snagging needs one and two.

What do you feel is the top priority for the Arizona Cardinals? Leave a comment below.

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