NHL Playoffs: An Upset for the Pittsburgh Penguins

The NHL playoffs begin next week. The first round could make or break a team’s chance at Lord Stanley’s Cup. Some of the top-seeded teams could be going home early. The playoffs are the start of a new season and the regular season means nothing. If a certain team did well against a team during the regular season that team could upset them in the playoffs. The question that was thrown at me is who would be upset in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs?

My pick would be the Pittsburgh Penguins. They will most likely play against the New York Islanders. The two teams shared the season series. Each team won a game in regulation and each in a shootout. The interesting thing about the regular season series was each win for both came in Pittsburgh and the shootouts win came in New York. We all know that there will be no shootouts in the playoffs.

Defense Wins!

The reason I say it will be the Penguins is that the Islanders play good defense. They have been one of the best defensive teams in the NHL all season. Looking at the series the Penguins did score 6 goals in their regulation win. But the other three games they didn’t score more than 3. Barry Trotz has been a great hire. It was weird that Trotz lead the Washington Capitals to the Stanley Cup last year and he was fired. This year he could end playing them in the second round.

The series will go 6 or 7 games. It will be back and forth. The Islanders will find a way to knock out the Penguins. They will use their defense and score just enough goals to pull off an upset. The Islanders will be the team that no one is looking to get out of the first round. These division rivals will once again have a great series.

Will the New York Islanders defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round? Leave a comment below.
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