Arizona Cardinals: Let’s Talk #1 Overall

T-Minus three weeks until the 2019 NFL Draft and the Arizona Cardinals have a large decision on their hands. They currently hold the number one overall pick which brings hope, but also a lot of media attention. There are three different things that must be looked at when trying to decipher what they should do and what they are going to do. That is if they even know yet. In the draft process, these three things are the three different types of truth, the NFL truth, the media truth, and of course the actual unfiltered truth.

Draft season is a poker game between all the NFL general managers broadcasted on a large-scale. When holding the number one pick it’s important to ensure to dab in several different directions to keep everyone guessing. So let’s dive in, shall we? We’ll go over the media truth and my prediction specifically for rounds one and two.

The Media Truth 

Every major news outlet has proclaimed without confirmation from anyone but their own unnamed sources that it is a slam dunk the Cardinals will take Kyler Murray number one overall. The thing about this is, whoever controls the flow of information holds the power. It’s very easy for some people within organizations to “leak” false information. Especially to possibly entice a trade partner into giving up more than they originally planned. We won’t know until draft night if this is false information or not. Therefore, let’s go with most of society and go through the scenario of drafting Kyler Murray overall.

This is a player that easily can be the next Russell Wilson in this league. On the other hand, he could be a bust. There is a gamble with Kyler Murray that any team that drafts him must take. But if it pays off? He could be a force to reckon with in this league. One thing that the Cardinals specifically can do that can help their case and Kyler’s is to draft Marquise “Hollywood” Brown with their second-round pick. It’s important that quarterbacks and wide receivers have that chemistry and what better way to do that, than drafting the guy who was his number one choice in college.

The thing with the media proclaiming this, without any actual confirmation from the Cardinals, is that we could all end up looking stupid for broadcasting false information. Don’t believe that this can happen? Let’s take a peek at last year, every single mock draft from all the high-ranking experts had the Cleveland Browns drafting Sam Darnold number one, they were saying a lot of the same things they are saying now about the Cardinals drafting Murray. We all know how that one turned out when a week before the draft the Browns came out and said, “haha, fooled you, we are taking Mayfield.” Any and all mock drafts should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to number one overall for this reason.

The Prediction

The main claim for the Cardinals to Kyler Murray is what a lot of local stations refer to as “The Kingsbury Connection”. Awhile ago Kliff Kingsbury had a video saying that if he had the number one pick overall he would take Murray. Furthermore, Kingsbury recruited Murray to Texas Tech when he was the head coach. So there is a liking there.

However, in the same breath, Jon Gruden may love Murray even more so than Kliff. Even from the combine, reports came out that Gruden was “head over heels” for Murray. I know what you’re thinking, Derek Carr is the franchise guy, no way he’s gonna give that up. My response to that is, ask Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack if that mattered. Gruden has been trying to build “his team” ever since the Oakland Raiders hired him.

During the owner’s meetings, Jon Gruden broke into a class that Kliff Kingsbury was teaching and interrupted and asked Kliff if he was planning on drafting Kyler. If that’s not blatantly obvious his love affair, try this on for size. When the Raiders worked out Kyler, Gruden kept him at the whiteboard for easily an extra hour and a half according to reports. Still, think he wouldn’t sell the farm? Even if they were to trade this year’s first-round picks to the Cardinals, they still have the same picks in the 2020 draft.

Thus, in saying that, here is my prediction. In the first round, the Raiders will trade for number one overall, sending the Cardinals to four. The Jets will end up trading with their neighbors across the hall, the New York Giants. The Giants will draft Dwayne Haskins at three. This now lets Quinnen Williams fall to the Cardinals sitting at number four. As far as the second round pick, I am hoping that N’Keal Harry falls and the Cardinals are able to snatch him up ASAP. This is the smartest move because, the phrase is defense wins championships, not potential.

Now, all of this is just an opinion. There’s nothing set in stone about the NFL Draft that has been readily made available. At least not yet. So shut up and hold on, everything is about to get interesting.

What do you feel the Arizona Cardinals will do with the number one pick? Leave a comment below.

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