NHL: Top Three General Manager Candidates for Seattle

The NHL as we know has announced that they will add another team in the 2020 season. The team will be based in Seattle, Washington. This for many including myself is a perfect city to have a hockey franchise. The city is in a cooler climate and as we know it rains there a lot. Of course, they will have to establish a front office and coaching staff. Here are three selections for who the general manager might be.

1. Steve Yzerman

Yzerman has been the reason the Tampa Bay Lightning has come out of its dark days. He has helped guide the Lightning to multiple playoff appearances and one trip to the Stanley Cup finals. Yzerman would be a perfect fit to mold a new franchise. He would use his massive hockey sense. Yzerman could lead the Seattle franchise to a playoff run or a Stanley Cup appearance. We could have another Las Vegas Golden Knights experience as we did in their first year.


2. Ken Holland

Holland is currently general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. He has a great resume. The Wings have done many remarkable things under his tenure. They have multiple Stanley Cups. The Red Wings have hit a little bit of a snag of late. If he leaves Detroit and Steve Yzerman takes his place than Seattle would be a good fit.

3. Peter Chiarelli

Chiarelli is the former general manager of the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers have been a young team for a long time. They struggled but are starting to turn it around. Chiarelli would be a good fit because he has dealt with rebuilding a franchise. This one he would build from the ground up. If Seattle does not choose Yzerman or Holland than Chiarelli would be a good acquisition.


Who will Seattle pick to be their general manager? Leave a comment below.
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