Arizona Diamondbacks: How Does Adam Jones Fit In?

Well, the Dbacks made a small splash recently by signing longtime Oriole Adam Jones to a one year deal. Jones played for the Baltimore Orioles for 13 years with a career batting average of .278. So what exactly does this five-time All-Star bring to the Arizona Diamondbacks so late in his career?

Thing is, even with his advanced age, last season Adam Jones hit .281 with 15 homers last year on the MLB’s worst team. He’s still a decent batter even though the home run total has gone down in recent years. Therefore, he’ll bring stability, as someone who has rarely caught the injury bug and who has always played at least 140 games a season for the majority of his career. The other thing he gives the team is flexibility. Throughout his career Jones has mastered every outfield position, making it easier to plug him into the lineup and play matchups with whoever the opponent is that night.

All of this is well and good but the number one thing that he brings to this young Diamondbacks team is veteran leadership. In this offseason, this team has lost Paul Goldschmidt, AJ Pollock, and Patrick Corbin. These three guys were more than just production on the field. They were leaders in the clubhouse according to current players and managers. The team lost a certain element that must be present in any locker room with the subtraction of those three players they can find in Adam Jones.

In his time at Baltimore, he was described as a great leader of men in the clubhouses. Additionally, his long time in the league can help him earn that credibility with younger players such as Ketel Marte and Jake Lamb. Leadership is one of those intangible characteristics that people either have, or they don’t. According to his Baltimore Orioles and Team USA teammates, Adam Jones as a leader is the real deal. The Arizona Diamondbacks did a great job with this signing.

Since they are now in the same division, let’s replay this moment between Manny Machado and Adam Jones.

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