NFL Free Agency: Three Bold Predictions as We Start the New Year

The free agency frenzy that encompasses the NFL at this time of year is underway. The official window for “legal tampering” opened at Noon EST on Monday. Contract negotiations will begin flying around from multiple teams looking to increase the talent of their roster. Although none of the agreement can become official until Wednesday, players will have an idea of where they may be headed. In saying that, we look at some bold predictions that could take place during the first few days of free agency.

Le’Veon Bell Surprise

There may just be a surprise team that sneaks in a grabs Bell away from some of the big money teams. He has been rumored to the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, and Oakland Raiders. However, there is always a team out there that throws a monkey wrench into free agency. Bell is the type of player that may demand that wrench early.


Jacksonville Jaguars Skip Nick Foles

While it is all over the NFL world that the Jags have an interest in Foles, the money just may not be right. It could just as well not be the marriage made in football heaven. The Jags may test out some other arms to gauge interest in coming to the Sunshine State. While the Jags have seemingly cleared cap space for an arm, it may not be the one everyone expects.

Several Big Name Players Go Late

This free agency class is one of the deepest that we have seen in a while. Therefore, you may see many of them not go as fast. There will be multiple bidding wars for several players. This may make some teams overreact and overpay for certain individuals to be obtained. Although, you have to give to get.

Free agency is one of the best times of the year for fans that follow the NFL. It is often filled with angst and surprise. Stay tuned to see which you get filled with.

What bold prediction do you have for free agency? Leave a comment below.

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