Tampa Bay Lightning: Win With or Win Without Nikita Kucherov

The Tampa Bay Lightning are having a season for the ages. The team has broken many franchise records. The Lightning has been picked by many to win the Stanley Cup. The entire team has flourished. The Lightning does not seem to have a flaw. However, here is a scenario I am going to throw out there, can the Lightning win without Nikita Kucherov?

Kucherov is a sure bet Hart trophy finalist and possible winner. He is a skillful player. His role is basically just to score goals. In fact, this Lightning team is a team of role players. This year has been a prime example of that by the success the team is having.


The one aspect of Kucherov that the Lightning could survive without is his lack of leadership skills. Steven Stamkos has been that leader. Kucherov has shown a little bit of immaturity when he doesn’t score goals. He did this a lot of last year during the playoffs. This year he seems to have under control. The reason might be that he is scoring goals more often.

With the talent, the Lightning has the weight could be picked up. I am not saying that would happen right away. The work of the scouts and front office has been great. Nonetheless, it would be much harder to win without him.

Now it would be an absolute uphill battle. To replace a talent like Kucherov. The Lightning might be one of the few teams that come to do it. Kucherov is a goal scoring machine and hopefully will be helping the Lightning capture their second Stanley Cup. Therefore, in one way the Lighting could win without him. Although, there are too many reasons why they can’t. Nevertheless, as a fan, this article was a tough one to write. However, this team is something special to watch this year. Thus, I am hoping to see them win it all this year.

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