Washington Redskins Acquire Case Keenum from the Denver Broncos

The Washington Redskins have their next QB. In a trade that the two teams complete on Thursday, the team has acquired former Denver Broncos QB, Case Keenum. Keenum became available after the Broncos acquired Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens in February. Now the Redskins will look to work with Keenum and incumbent Colt McCoy.

The reported deal came together rather quickly. Several reports erupted that the two teams were in talks about a deal to bring Keenum to Washington. Within one hour of starting the deal, the two teams announced the completion.

The Details

The Broncos Receive

Redskins 2020 6th Round Draft Choice

The Redskins Receive

Case Keenum

Broncos 2020 7th round Draft Choice.

In addition, the Broncos will pay Case Keenum a $500k restructuring bonus. To go along with the restructuring bonus the Broncos will $3.5 million of the $7 million that Keenum is due in 2019. The Redskins will pay the other $3.5 million. The Broncos paid the rest of Keenum’s 2019 salary at signing.

It looks as though Case Keenum was the choice for the Redskins all along. Especially once he became available. He will now come into camp and have an open battle with Colt McCoy for the Redskins top spot in 2019.

While the Washington Redskins may seem set at QB, I would not rule them out of one in the draft. Especially in the later rounds. This may take them out of the talks of using the 15th pick for a QB, but not out of the QB talks altogether. However, this does squash the talks of trading for Arizona Cardinals QB, Josh Rosen.

Obtaining a QB was a top priority this offseason. Starting QB Alex Smith was injured in November of 2018, It is quite possible that the injury is career ending. Thus, Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden went QB hunting. Ultimately striking a deal with Denver Broncos.

Getting a cap friendly deal was the only way the Washington Redskins were able to make a deal for any QB. With the Broncos eating half of the salary, this deal was as friendly as any. This is the reason the deal was done so quickly.

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