NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns Preparing Mega Deal for Odell Beckham Jr

NFL Trade season is open and rumors are flying more than ever. Multiple major players have been involved in several rumors. Nonetheless, there is one player out there at the center that could make a couple of teams out there. Odell Beckham Jr. is at the center of a major deal that could send him to the Cleveland Browns.

Per Benjamin Albright, the Browns are willing to send OL Kevin Zeitler, another player (either Emmanuel Ogbah or Derrick Kindred I am hearing) and draft picks to the New York Giants for Odell Beckham Jr. Obviously, the Browns are looking to load up the weaponry for stud QB Baker Mayfield.

The Browns would be one of the few teams that could pull off such a deal. They have the third highest cap space available. The Browns currently sit at rough $82 million available. Thus, if they could do it without giving up this year’s number one pick, they could be set for well into the future.

Teaming Beckham Jr. with players like Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Nick Chubb, Antonio Calloway, Rashard Higgins, and Baker Mayfield would make the Browns offense virtually unstoppable. It would surely put them in the conversation for the AFC North title. In addition to one of the top two seeds. Especially if they made some moves to shore up their defense.

While the Browns are not the only team rumored for OBJ – the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers are also in some rumors, they are quite possibly the most aggressive. It is going to take a team with a boatload of cash space and available players to get a deal done. Therefore, the Cleveland Browns are one of the few teams with both of those criteria available.

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