NFL: Five Moves the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders Will Make in the Next Month

Well, it is that time of year again, where the draft is just a little while away, and the larger sports networks start to make up draft rumors for their own sources benefits. For example, some teams are saying it is a “lock” that the  Arizona Cardinals are going to draft Kyler Murray number one. There is little to no substance to this, rumor, but it’s created a lot of buzz. Let’s take a look at the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders for a second, new coach that has been making a lot of sweeping changes in his first couple years in order to craft the team in his image. This is one prediction about how he can streamline the process in just one year.

Step 1: Trade For Antonio Brown

That’s right, the Hulk Hogan lookalike himself headed to…. Well the Raiders, they’re not even sure where they are playing next year. Chances are they are going to trade one of their multiple first round picks for the Steelers star wide receiver. Giving them one superstar that has the ability to turn this franchise around. However, AB would only be one major piece, to John Gruden’s dream puzzle.

Step 2: Trade Derek Carr to the Giants

In order to keep Antonio Brown, the Raiders will take a huge hit in the money department, so chances are, they are going to need to move Derek Carr in order to pay for AB. The Giants are looking for Eli Manning’s replacement currently, they have been tied to a lot of other players. Carr’s NFL experience may make him an extremely likely opportunity to become the next New York Giants QB. Not to mention, during almost every game you’d see Carr and Gruden in a screaming match on the sideline so Gruden is probably gonna get him out of his bubble. In this scenario, let’s assume the Giants trade some more draft capital for the star quarterback.

Step 3: Sign Le’Veon Bell

Directly after this, the Raiders will sign the free agent who spent more time on a jet ski last year, than the football field for a maximum shorter contract with a lot more guaranteed up front. The Raiders trading Derek Carr along with getting rid of Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack gives them tons of cap space to make this signing.

Step 4: Trade for the Number One Overall Pick

The last step to Gruden’s master plan would be to sign a player that he has been “all over” according to and other sources at the NFL combine. He has been goo goo gaga about Kyler Murray ever since midway through the college football season. So the Raiders will trade their number four overall pick and a second pick in the first round with a second round pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the opportunity to sign the most sought after prospect in the NFL draft, Kyler Murray.

Step 5: Profit

Assuming this happens, the Raiders would have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.

How would feel about the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders if they accomplished these steps? Leave a comment below.

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Photo Credit: USA Today

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