Anaheim Ducks: Where have the Goals Gone?

One of the teams that have had a bad season is the Anaheim Ducks. We all know in hockey to win a game the team must score goals. If the team can’t score goals, then they must keep the other team from scoring them. The Ducks have had problems doing both. The Ducks are normally a team that makes the playoffs. Here are three reasons why the Ducks have had problems scoring goals.

1. Depleted by Injury

The Ducks have had issues with injuries all year. One of the problems of playing hockey is injuries. Every team comes into the season hoping to stay healthy. If they do sustain injuries hopefully it isn’t for a lengthy period. Since the start of the season, the Ducks have had players out for a lengthy period.


2. Key Players are Regressing

The Ducks have had talented players for a long time. As sports fans, we know that father time is undefeated. However, key players such as Ryan Kesler, Corey Perry, and Ryan Getzlaf are aging. The Ducks have been leaning on these gentlemen for far too long. These players are regressing and the lack of scoring goals has hurt the team. The Ducks now need to lean on their young stars.

3. Good prospect pool not being utilized properly

The Ducks earlier this year fired head coach Randy Carlyle. Carlyle led the Ducks to Stanley Cup but that didn’t even save his job. Now general manager Bob Murray has become the interim head coach. His job is to build up the young stars. Some of the young stars are center Sam Steel, LW Max Jones, and D Brendan Guhle, and LW Maxime Comtois. These young gentlemen have the potential to make the Ducks good again. However, Carlyle leans too much on his veteran players to get the wins. The Ducks will have to utilize their young stars or what is happening this season will continue.

The Ducks are currently the 27th ranked team in NHL. They are a minus 57 in goal differential. That is dead last in all the NHL. They have allowed 204 goals and have only scored 147. That is also the worse in the NHL. Compared to the top team in the league the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning is a plus 87 goal differential. They have scored 263 goals and have only allowed 176 goals. The Ducks need to make some changes quick or they will be a bottom team in the NHL.

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