NFL Trade Rumors: Final Four for Antonio Brown

The next trade domino is about to fall in the NFL 2019 offseason. Yes, it includes Antonio Brown. Reports surfaced Wednesday that the Pittsburgh Steelers are close to completing a deal for their star WR. After having the luxury of multiple teams dropping out, the Steelers are down to a select few. Here is a look at who those final teams may be.

Oakland Raiders

After giving up their top WR last season, Amari Cooper, the Raiders need a weapon for Derek Carr or whoever the QB may be. Brown makes sense as a deep threat in Jon Gruden’s offense. In addition, Gruden could be the type of coach that would squash the diva attitude that Brown has attained. If the Steelers are truly looking to get a number one pick for Antonio Brown, the Raiders could be the team to give it. Seeing that they own three of them this year.


Tennessee Titans

The Titans are an interesting choice. They have a young QB. A solid running game. However, their outside weaponry could use some work. The Titans drafted Corey Davis to be that player a couple of years ago. However, he has not panned out thus far. If Mike Vrabel can minimize the attitude, the Titans will have themselves that star WR.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are in need of a solid WR. However, they have a tremendous amount of other holes to be giving away draft picks. Nonetheless, depending on what the final trade value is, this could be a solid pick up for the team. Brown would give, no matter who the QB is, the Redskins something that has been missing since letting DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon walk in free agency.

A Surprise

Buffalo Bills

While there is no talk or mention about the Bills in any of the talks, do not be surprised if they jump in late. They have the cap space at nearly $78 million. They have a young QB, Josh Allen. Finally, they have the need for a star WR. Zay Jones is currently their top WR. Adding a player such as Antonio Brown would give Allen a go-to player.

These four teams are the final four for the services of Antonio Brown. Whoever is able to land the diva-esque wideout may have to give up a little of their future. Nonetheless, doing so would add to the validity of their offense.

Is one of these four teams you favorite? If so, how do you feel about them acquiring Antonio Brown? Leave a comment below.

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