Washington Redskins Rumors: Why Josh Rosen Would be a Smart Move

Trade talk is heating up in the NFL and especially for the Washington Redskins. There is a lot of speculation that the team is getting ready to make a move with the Arizona Cardinals for QB, Josh Rosen. Now, I am in many Redskins rooms on Facebook and they are against this move. Saying, “Why should we take a QB that a team is giving up on after one year? That is just another dumb move by an incompetent front office”. However, this would actually be a smart move by the front office and here is why.


Josh Rosen is still under his rookie contract. In fact, he is only in the second year of said contract. This is a contract, that when paid in full will only cost the Redskins roughly cost $6.2 million over the next three seasons. A minimal cost for a starting QB and possibly a franchise QB.



Rosen is only 22-years-old. He has a lot of miles left on his tires. The Washington Redskins would not only be getting a possible franchise QB, but they would also be getting one who still has the prime of his career in front of him.


Many people who I have talked to believe that this deal can be done without the Redskins having to give up their first-round pick (15th overall). If they are able to acquire a young arm, such as Rosen, without having to give up their top choice, that is a winning deal in my book. Thus, they can use that top choice to secure the offensive line.


QB is a position of need for the Washington Redskins. Rosen is just as good as any of the QBs in the 2019 NFL Draft. His arm strength, ability to run, and accuracy would be a strength in Jay Gruden’s offense. Also, if the Redskins are trying to become a run-first offense behind Derrius Guice and, hopefully, Adrian Peterson, Rosen would be more successful than he was in 2018.

The Arizona Cardinals are not giving up on Rosen. They just do not feel that he can run new head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s system as well as Kyler Murray. If the Redskins are successful in completing this trade for less than a first-round pick, the front office may then be back on track to building a winner. That is something that all Redskins fans have been waiting to see.

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