Oakland Raiders: Three Reasons Trading Derek Carr Makes Sense

.After going 4-12 in Jon Gruden‘s first season back as a NFL head coach, the Oakland Raiders should trade signal-caller Derek Carr.

There are a few reasons to deal away the 27-year old QB out of Fresno State, so let’s dive into them.

1) Not Impressed

Carr looked like he could’ve been one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. However, over time that thought has subsided.

In a league where throwing for over 4,000 yards seems to be a cinch, Carr has only accomplished that feat once. That was this past season.

It’s tough to watch the Raiders sometimes because Carr looks easy to defend. It appears as though, even with him healthy, the Oakland offensive output (say that five times fast) doesn’t look capable of generating enough points to win games.


On 3rd downs this past season, Derek Carr completed just over 58 percent of his passes. That was on third downs from three to seven yards. Third down conversions from eight to 10 yards, Carr is completing about 56 percent.

Carr also completed 61 percent of his throws in the opposition’s red zone, which could be better.

2) Teams are in need of a QB

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins are looking for a quarterback and would be a good place for the Raiders to send him.

Neither the Jags or Dolphins are very good right now. Both require a lot of work after sub-par seasons in ’18. Therefore, Oakland shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with him for at least the short-term. Especially since neither team is in the AFC West.

It would be ideal for the silver and black to get Derek Carr out of the AFC and with the Washington Redskins and New York Giants looking for QBs, it’s possible.

3) Might as well

For the Raiders to tear apart the roster this past season and get rid of veterans left and right, they might as well ship Carr to another team.

Receiver Amari Cooper and defensive end Khalil Mack got traded away for picks and with human lightning rods coming out of college known as Dewayne Haskins and Kyler Murray, it could be better for ticket sales and the long-term future of the Oakland franchise if they brought a new face to the QB spot.

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