Lights Out 10: Donald Long Promotes Another Record-Breaking Event

It has grown into one of the biggest and fastest events in the drag racing world. Lights Out 10 at South GA Motorsports Park is only the first of Donald “Duck” Long’s Radial vs World series this year. With No Mercy set to take place later this year, it has some big shoes to fill.

  • Radial vs. The World

In the first night of Qualifying, Tim Slavens put the RvW field on notice. With an incredible 3.62 second pass to set the Radial Tire record for low E/T. Not to be outdone by another Camaro, Kevin Rivenbark took his Pro-Mod style ’69 down the lane on Friday night in a blazing 3.613 seconds at 217 mph.

These guys are getting faster every time they go out and given the right conditions we could see a .50s pass by the time No Mercy rolls around. Unfortunately for the two record-setting drivers(Slavens and Rivenbark) they would both fall in the semifinals.

The finals matchup for the headlining class was between NHRA Pro-Stock wheel-man Alex Laughlin and Radial regular Daniel Pharris. Laughlin was able to squeak out the win on a holeshot. His .004 R/T was the difference in a race where the loser ran a quicker and faster 3.690 at 211.13 mph. Pharris’ light was no sleeper either. He cut a .015 off the tree but couldn’t run down the slower 3.694 @ 205.60 mph.

Lights Out 10

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  • Grudge Racing

Georgia native and all around drag racer Stevie “Fast” Jackson held true to his word and met radial rival Keith Haney in Q2 on Thursday night. These two are developing quite the friendly hatred amongst themselves. Unfortunately for Jackson, the Nitrous Boosted “Enigma” Camaro was the better car that night. Haney turned on the win light with a 3.85 @ 195.76 mph over Jackson and his “Shadow” who ran a 4.01 @ 181.94.

  • X275

The Pro 275 finals featured a matchup between Manny Buginga and Charles Hull. Buying got the win over Hull with a .021 light holeshot. Hull ran a quicker and faster 4.409 @ 163.08 mph to the winning 4.416 @ 160.92. Unfortunately for Hull he slept on the tree and cut a .072 light. It was lost before he let off the transbrake.

  • Limited Drag Radial

The Limited Drag Radial class featured two North Alabama racers. Shane Stacks and his “Thrillbilly” ’86 Monte Carlo beat out Madison, Al native Chad Henderson for the crown. Henderson was first off the line with a .012 light to Stacks’ .042. The twin turbo Monte Carlo proved to be too much and overcame the deficit to break the beams first in 4.118 seconds at 180.86 mph. Henderson crossed the stripe in 4.352 seconds at 170.57 mph. These guys will meet again in July when RadialFest comes to Huntsville Dragway.

Lights Out 10

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  • DXP 235

The finals for the class ended with a foul. Jason Anderson got a bit too anxious on the starting line and went red -.056. Danny Niceley reaped the benefits and cruised to victory with a pass at 131.42 mph in 5.497 seconds.

  • Outlaw 632

The big tire Outlaw 632 class was taken by a man who came all the way from Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Dan Boyks came down and ran in two classes in the event(X275 & OL632). He was the victor for only one though. The matchup between Dr. Dan and Gregory Powrie wasn’t even close. Boyks was first off the line with a .063 light against a .109 light by Powrie. The doc blew through the beams on the top end in 4.083 seconds at 197.86 mph. Powrie limped across in 6.715 seconds at 87.61 mph.

The 2019 season is underway and this year the cars will get even more insane. Tuners and drivers get better. Technology advances. 2019 will set the world on fire, so to speak, in the local drag racing scenes. Get out and support your local tracks and drivers!

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