NFL Free Agency: Possible Free Agent Signings for Each AFC East Team

The NFL now turns to the offseason after the New England Patriots won another Super Bowl. All of the teams will now look to improve their team. They will have options to do that through free agency. All the teams have free agents from their team or others from the other 31 teams. They will now make the decision on who they believe will help them get better in 2019. I am going talk about the AFC East on which free agents should be signed or resign to help the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

New York Jets: RB Bilal Powell

With new head coach Adam Gase, the Jets will look to rebound. They finished the 2018-19 season at 4-12. They now will have a second-year quarterback in Sam Darnold. He will need help as the NFL is turning into an offensive league. The one free agent that the Jets should re-sign is running back Bilal Powell. Powell was a fan favorite. He suffered a neck injury in week 7 against the Minnesota Vikings. He had a good season up till the time of his injury and will help Darnold and the Jets offense.

Buffalo Bills: WR Tyrell Williams

Williams is a free-agent from the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bills need wide-receivers. He would come in and join Zay Jones and Robert Foster. Williams has a great vertical leap and good speed. He was a fan favorite in Los Angeles and has been one that Bills fans would like to see come to Buffalo. If they decide to pass on Williams, they will have a project on their hands when or if they draft a rookie wide receiver.


Miami Dolphins: OLB Preston Smith

The Dolphins defense struggled in 2018. There were only 5 teams that gave up more points than the Dolphins. They gave up 48 offensive touchdowns 17 on the ground and 31 through the air. Preston Smith would be a huge upgrade. He will be a great pursuer of the quarterback. Smith has 24.5 career sacks in 64 games. The Dolphins will be better on defense if Smith is added.

New England Patriots: Trey Flowers DL/EDGE

Flowers was a huge part of the Patriots defense. He was a big part in the postseason. Flowers had sacks on both Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes. The Patriots defense occurring to many didn’t have a big name on defense. Flowers was that big player and name. The Patriots need to find a way to bring him back.

The AFC East has been dominated by the Patriots for the last 10 plus years. Unless changes are made, they will until Brady and Belichick are gone. The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins will have to find a way to knock the Patriots off the mountain. Let see how they will do just that. Will one of these free agents change their fortunes in 2019?

Who do you think the AC East teams will look at in free agency? Leave a comment below
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