Tampa Bay Lightning: The Best Goalie Duo in the NHL

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been a formidable team all year. We have all heard that defense wins championships. In the game of hockey that plays true as we get closer to the playoffs. The Lightning has a great back end of their defense with solid goaltending. They had two good ones all year. One of the biggest questions, when Ben Bishop left, is who would the starter be? That question was answered by Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Earlier in the year, Vasilevskiy broke his foot, which worried the fans because he was such a huge part of their success. They had to turn to back up goaltender Louis Domingue. Domingue was picked up in a trade from the Arizona Coyotes with Vasilevskiy out for a month. Domingue took it as a challenge. He started 11 games while Vasilevskiy was out, and he went 10-1.

In fact, Domingue just set a Lightning franchise record. He won 10 consecutive starts. In those 10 starts, he has .909 save percentage. He also has not allowed more than 4 goals in those starts. Domingue has shown him a solid backup. He has also proved to the fans that they have nothing to worry about.

With Vasilevskiy and Domingue, Tampa Bay are again showing a strength. The depth has what has been the main driving point for them all season. Let’s hope that Vasilevskiy doesn’t get hurt down the stretch. He has shown us why they let Ben Bishop go. Vasilevskiy has been great once again making great save after great save. At times he has carried the Lightning in bad games leading them to points.

Is this the best goalie duo in the NHL? The answer to the question is yes. The Lightning have a great chance to win the Stanley Cup and these two are a big part of that. The Lightning will win the Stanley Cup if these two and the rest of team continue the path they are on.


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