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You are sitting at home bored to tears, trying to figure out what you and your friends can do to stay busy on this lazy Sunday afternoon. While there are some shows on television that are good to watch, you really want to play sports at home with your friends. There are some great indoor sporting games that are fun for you and your party of comrades to play in your home. This article will suggest some of the best indoor games to turn those lazy afternoons, into a fun-filled event that everyone can enjoy.


One of the best games to have and play inside your home is air hockey. This is a true test of hand movement and reaction. It is a 2-player game where you and your opponent will hit a puck on the air-cushioned hockey table to each other. There is a little slit or hole in which the puck can fall through. The air hockey game is similar to the sport of ice hockey where the players try to hit the puck into the goal. When the puck falls into your opponent’s slit or hole, you gain 1 point. The game continues with the person having the highest number of hits into the whole winning. This is a great game to play and for observers to view. Your friends will be cheering you and your opponent on as you attempt to hit the red puck into the slit for game-winning fun.


For all of those avid golfers, you may want to try indoor golf. While this game is like a practicing tool for putting, it can also sharpen a part of your golf game, while having fun. This game can have as many players as you want. You just need to make sure that you have enough putter and golf balls for everyone to try. It does not matter if you are a beginner golfer or a veteran who has played for many years, the indoor golf practice game will help you reach your next level.


Are you ready for some dancing? The Wii dancing game will allow you to mimic what the professional dancer on the screen is doing. Trying to keep up with all of those dance moves can be both tiring and exhilarating at the same time. Remember to stay focused on the dance screen as the moves could change at any given time. What a great way to exercise and enjoy some quality bonding time with your family. Everyone can try to mimic the dance moves of the professional.

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Test your accuracy by throwing darts at the dartboard. This game requires concentration skills and eye-hand movement skills in order to make sure that you hit the right target in the middle of your board. Professional dart throwers say that using steel tip darts will help to improve your accuracy and allow you to master throwing darts inside your home.

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If there was ever a game that all of your family and friends can try, then this would be it. So many people have played horseshoe for so many years. Throwing a steel or plastic horseshoe-shaped tool at a ring is what this game is all about. Whoever gets their horseshoe around the ring, will get one point. Play all day and all night until the person with the most points wins. As easy as it may sound, there is a technique to horseshoes. Everyone will try to find their own while making sure that their horseshoe is one of the first to wrap around the ring pole.

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The table tennis game, which many people know as ping-pong, is a great game to play. It does not matter if there are two or four players across the table; you and your friends are in for a good time. The table tennis game is similar to a smaller version of the real game of tennis. The table is a lot like a real tennis court but much smaller. You will use a paddle to hit the ping-pong ball across the tabletop until the ball hits off the table onto the ground. When the ping-pong ball falls onto the ground, the person letting the ball fall to the ground will not win the point. This game will test both your dexterity and quickness. Having a great time playing table tennis may be just what you need to get your fingers, hands, and feet moving.


If you are lucky enough to have an actual bowling alley in your home, then you are in for a great afternoon of indoor bowling. There is also a simulated arcade bowling game that allows you to throw a bowling ball that is much softer than an original bowling ball into a series of loops that represent points. Throw your bowling ball into the 50 points or 100 points and see how many total points you can get. The person that gets the highest total will win the game. This is another game that the entire family can play. The indoor bowling game will test your bowling skills, while also testing your speed and accuracy.

Keep in mind that while these great indoor games can be played for hours and hours of endless fun, you will want to set a score that tells you who wins. Also, if you are a child playing darts, make sure you do this under adult supervision. You will want to make sure that you are safely throwing darts in the right direction so that it will not hurt you or anyone else.

These are some of the best indoor games that your family and friends can try. Remember that these games will get the heart pumping and give your hands and feet a great workout. Having fun can now involve getting in a great exercise routine as well. So take the time to plan your lazy Sunday afternoon with one or more of these great indoor games. Your family and friends will thank you for showing them an enjoyable time.

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