New England Patriots: 2018 – The Dynasty Continues

The 2018-19 New England Patriots came into the season after losing in the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles. The question as it always is “Is this the end of the dynasty?” The Patriots have been the dominant team for many years. For years many fans want the Patriots to lose and disappear. They have been labeled the most hated team in sports. Here is my season review for the New England Patriots!


11 Wins

The Patriots began their season against the upstart Houston Texans. This is a team that has given the Patriots fits in the past. They would find a way to beat the Texans and begin the season 1-0. The next win would come three weeks later against a division opponent. The Dolphins came into Foxboro hoping to beat a downed Patriots team. The result was the Patriots came out and put a beating on the Dolphins. They would then welcome the Indianapolis Colts into Foxboro. The Colts were one of the surprise teams in 2018 but they were unable to beat the Patriots.

The next game would be against one of the best teams in the league. This was a key matchup in the first half of the season. The Kansas City Chiefs were undefeated coming into this game. It was a back and forth battle that ended with the Patriots winning by a field goal. Their next win would be their first on the road beating one of the greatest defenses. The Chicago Bears were a worthy opponent, especially after the Chiefs. The Patriots found a way to beat them by a touchdown. The Patriots would then travel to play another division opponent in the Buffalo Bills. They would beat the struggling Bills very easily.

The Patriots would welcome in the Green Bay Packers to start the second half of their season. They would defeat the Packers by 14 points. It would take another two weeks where they beat the Jets. Another victory by 14 points again on the road this would be their last win on the road until the playoffs. The Patriots would have the Minnesota Vikings come to Foxboro. This game was one that everyone has eyes on being a good game. The game would not be good for the Vikings they would lose 24-10. It would be another three weeks before the Patriots would get back on the winning track. They would once again defeat the struggling Bills. Their last home and regular season game would be against the Jets. In this game, they would make a statement going into the playoffs winning by 35 points.


5 losses

The first defeat would come in week 2. That would be to the Jacksonville Jaguars who they defeated the year before in the AFC Championship game. The very next week they would be shocked for the first time. They would go on the road to play the Detroit Lions. What was special about this game was former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was the new head coach for the Lions. He would defeat his former team and boss in Bill Belichick. This is when many thought it was over for the Patriots. Their next loss would once again be a shocker. This one would come against the Tennessee Titans.

The Patriots next loss would come against the Miami Dolphins. This loss would come on a trick play at the end of the game. If left many thinking this the start of the second crack in their season. Like earlier in the year they would lose back to back games. The loss would come to the Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers had struggled against the Patriots in the past. It was a close game but in the end, the Patriots would have a 5 in the loss column.

The Playoffs

With their 11 wins, they would find themselves as the number 2 seed in the AFC playoff picture. Which meant their first playoff game would be at home. In Foxboro, they would go 8-0. They would host the Los Angeles Chargers. Many thought this would be the loss that would end everything. Those who thought that would be incorrect. The Chargers would make a stand in the end but would fall short.

After their win in the Divisional round, they would meet up with the Kansas City Chiefs. This would be for a spot in Super Bowl LIII. Unlike in their earlier meeting, this would be in Arrowhead. The Chiefs were out for revenge. This game would be the second game on Championship Sunday. Just like the first one, it would be exciting. It would also go to overtime. The Patriots won the toss in overtime and drove right down the field scoring a touchdown. This would punch their ticket to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.


The Patriots were chasing their 6 Super Bowl title. If they were able to win, they would be tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most in league history. They would be playing the upstart Los Angeles Rams. Many thought the Rams didn’t belong in the Super Bowl after a controversial non-call. Many thought it would be a back and forth offensive game. It happened to be one of the slowest moving games in Super Bowl history. The Patriots would hold the Rams down and take home a 13-3 win. This was not supposed to happen, but the Patriots overcame many things during the season to once again be called Champions of the World.

The Patriots now move into the offseason. The scary part is they have 12 draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. This means simply they can reload and make a run at their 7th Super Bowl title. At this moment the Patriots are not going away. With Tom Brady and Belichick, their dominance will continue. In fact, look out in 2019 for the Patriots to once again be one of the better teams in the NFL.


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