Alliance of American Football: Welcome to the Alliance

After the Super Bowl, football fans usually are stuck with no games until August. While the NFL has become a year-round sport, it is only that way for some fans. Well, the Alliance of American Football League, AAF, is here to change that. Play for the new league will begin on Saturday, February 9. It will end with its inaugural championship game on the weekend of the 2019 NFL Draft. What does this new league have to offer fans? Let us look.

The AAF is the vision of Charlie Ebersol. He began confronting his vision while filming a documentary on the XFL. The XFL failed after one season. Now, through the tremendous work of Ebersol and others, football fans will have games following the Super Bowl.

Ebersol knew that he needed a great leadership and management team in order to succeed. Therefore, he reached out to one of the best to ever do it. He entrusted his vision to the hands of Bill Polian. Polian is a six-time NFL Executive of the Year and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Together they would form a trusted connection and begin to build a new league.

How will the Alliance of American Football differ from past spring leagues?

  1. The league has the backing of multiple former NFL stars. Players such as former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, former New York Giants DE Justin Tuck, former Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen, and former Steelers WR Hines Ward all have some sort of backing in the league.
  2. It is not looking to compete with the NFL. In fact, it wants to do just the opposite. The AAF would like to become a feeding ground for players who are just short of playing the NFL. The Alliance hopes to become a “farm system” much like the minor leagues of baseball.

Will the Alliance of American Football have different rules?

Yes, there will be a different set of rules. Many will be the same, however, there a few changes.

  1. No Kickoffs – Each team will start with the ball at their 25-yard line to start the game, the second half, and scoring plays.
  2. No Onside Kick – Since there are no kickoffs, there will be no onside kick. Instead, teams will get one chance to gain 10-yards from their 35-yard line. If they are successful, they will keep the ball.
  3. No Extra Point – Teams can only attempt 2-point conversions.
  4. 30-second play clock – research shows that NFL teams get to the line in 15-20 seconds.
  5. There will be no TV timeouts and the league will have 60% fewer commercials than the NFL game. This should cut about 30-45 minutes off of the length of a normal NFL game.

The Alliance of American Football will begin play with 8 teams. Most of them without a major football alliance. They are the Atlanta Legends, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, and Orlando Apollos. Those four teams will reside in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference will include the Arizona Hotshots, San Diego Fleet, Salt Lake Stallions, and San Antonio Commanders.

The AAF will run as a single entity. Meaning that the league owns the teams and operates the teams. Games will be televised on Bleacher Report Live, TNT, CBS, CBSSports Network, and the NFL Network. You can see the schedule for the Alliance of American Football below.

Alliance of American Football

Image Courtesy of ResetEra

The AAF kicks off Saturday Night. I finally believe we have a spring league that will give us quality football outside of the NFL.

Are you looking forward to the Alliance of American Football? Leave a comment below.

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