Super Bowl LIII: Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots Greatest of All-Time?

To get to the Super Bowl it takes a special season. Often, there is a great story behind those franchises as well. Those stories often include great players. In Super Bowl LIII, we have the New England Patriots taking on the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams have a great history. In this article, I will look at the greatest player in the history of both teams. I hope you enjoy.

Super Bowl LIII New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams

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New England Patriots

Tom Brady

The Patriots have had many great players throughout their history. John Hannah, Mike Haynes, Andre Tippett, Drew Bledsoe, Tedy Bruschi, and Nick Buoniconti are just a few of the great names. While they all had fantastic careers in the NFL, they did not place the franchise on the map the way that one individual has done. That player is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Brady has played with the New England Patriots for 17 seasons. That alone is an outstanding accomplishment for a sixth-round draft choice. However, Brady has set several marks during those 17 seasons.

Tom Brady has five Super Bowl victories to his name. He has been to the big game nine times. Brady is only the second player to win five Super Bowls. The first being Charles Haley (Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers). Brady did his all with the Patriots. He is the only QB with five Super Bowl wins. Out of the five Super Bowl victories Tom Brady has, he has won four MVPs. In fact, he is the oldest player to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Tom Brady has several other accolades to his name. However, since this is Super Bowl week, we are only going to focus on those that associate to the big game.

Super Bowl LIII New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams

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Los Angeles Rams

Merlin Olsen

The Rams have also had many great names put on the horns. Some of the names include Jack Youngblood, Jackie Slater, Marshall Faulk, Kevin Greene, Orlando Pace, Deacon Jones, and Norm Van Brocklin. Nonetheless, one member of the Rams defines the organization. That player is Merlin Jay Olsen.

As Olsen was ready to play professional football, he had two offers. One was from the Los Angeles Rams and the other was from the Denver Broncos. At the time, there were two leagues, the NFL and AFL. The NFL was the more stable league and that is where the Rams were. Olsen chose to play with the Rams due to that stability. The Broncos were in the AFL.

Olsen played 15 years in the NFL. All of them with the Los Angeles Rams. Although, during that career, he never sniffed the Super Bowl.

However, Olsen was still a remarkable player for his era. He was a member of one of the best defensive lines to ever play the game, The Fearsome Foursome. His teammates along that line were Deacon Jones, Rosey Grier, and Lamar Lundy.

Olsen only missed two games throughout his career. He was a 14-time Pro Bowler and Rookie of the Year (1962). The famed d-lineman played in 208 games.

Brady and Olsen come from two different eras. Nevertheless, they are the standing faces of these great franchises. Two franchises that face off in Super Bowl LIII.

Who do you think are the greatest players of the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots? Leave a comment below.

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