Super Bowl LIII: Three Things to Watch for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots find themselves in yet another Super Bowl. They played a great game last week in defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots were the underdog and many fans around the league hoped they would be beaten by the Chiefs. One of the Patriots announcers said after the victory, “America’s Nightmare is heading back to the Super Bowl”. In the Super Bowl, the Patriots will face the Los Angeles Rams. Here are three things to watch as the Patriots play in Super Bowl LIII.

1. Get off to a fast start

The Patriots won the toss against the Kansas City Chiefs and drove down the field and scored. With that touchdown, they set a statement. If the Patriots can do this against the Rams, it might be the same result as the AFC Championship. They have the tools to do it. The Patriots will come out running the ball as they did against the Chiefs. This will put a lot of pressure on the Rams to answer.


2. Make Jared Goff try to be the hero

If the Patriots drive down and score on their first drive it will put pressure on the Rams. Goff is a young quarterback, and this will be his first Super Bowl. The Rams, like the Patriots, will come out with the run. Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson will try to duplicate what they did against the New Orleans Saints. If the Patriots devise a game plan to stop the run then it will all be on Goff. The question is can he make the same throws he did in the NFC Championship?

3. Exhausting the Rams

One of the Rams weakness is lack of depth. On defense is where they really lack. The way the Patriots can take advantage is to keep the defense on the field. Like I said earlier they will use Sony Michael, James White, Rex Burkhead, and Cordarrelle Patterson to pound the ball. It will be hard for the Rams defense to catch their breath. If this occurs look for the Patriots to have a good game.


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