Super Bowl LIII: Is This the Last Game for Rob Gronkowski?

One of the big questions heading into Super Bowl LIII, is this Rob Gronkowski final game? This has been a question for quite some time. The Patriots and their fans have been wondering the answer. All this week Gronkowski has been taking questions on this topic. He has fun with answering the question. Here are my feelings on whether this will or will not be his last game.

I do not believe this is Gronkowski’s last game. He may not be the same dominant player he wants was. However, Gronkowski is a great blocker and the New England Patriots are using the run game a lot. They featured it in the AFC Championship game. When it came down to clutch time Brady threw to him. On the first drive, he had two catches that lead to a touchdown scoring drive. In overtime, he caught key balls on third downs that lead the game-winning drive.


I believe he will stay as long as Brady is a Patriot. He will have to try to avoid injuries which have plagued him throughout his career. If he does what he has done in the last few games, he can still help the Patriots win. Also, the Patriots have 12 draft picks in this year’s draft. Therefore, they could draft a younger tight end to help. He has been happy all week at the numerous press conferences. Look for him to be a major impact against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Patriots will have number 87 back next season. This will happen whether they win or not. If they win, they will tie the Pittsburgh Steelers with six championships. Which means if he could play another 2-3 years, they might win 7 and hold the record. Tom Brady loves having Gronkowski as a weapon. Especially when it comes to the big moments, he looks for him. Mark my word this will not be Rob Gronkowski’s last game in a New England Patriots uniform.

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