NFL: Four Coach’s Decisions That won the Super Bowl

When playing in a big game, often the coach can make a difference. That difference can go either way. In other words, the team can either win or lose based upon the coach’s decision. With this being the Super Bowl, this game is no different. There have been many times in which the head coach’s decision has made a difference. In this two-part article, we will look at nine coaches decisions. Five that cost the team to lose and four that gave them a win. The first part was the losses. Part two, the victories.

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  1. Kurt Warner’s Bomb – Super Bowl XXXIV

After giving up a 16 point lead, the St Louis Rams took over at their own 27-yard line with 2:02 left in the fourth quarter. On the first snap from that position, Rams QB Kurt Warner would launch the ball down the left sideline to Isaac Bruce. Bruce would catch the ball on the 38-yard line of the Tennessee Titans and cut through the middle of the defense on his way to the end zone. The play would result in Warner’s only completion in the quarter and give the Rams the lead with 1:54 remaining. The guts for head coach Dick Vermeil to call the bomb after having lost all the momentum would become the difference in the game.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles Pursuit – Super Bowl LII

The Eagles were in search of their first Super Bowl Title in franchise history. After giving up the lead to the New England Patriots, Eagles HC Doug Pederson was faced with a critical fourth down. Trailing 33-32 with 5:39 left in the fourth quarter the Eagles offense faced a fourth and one on their own 45-yard line. Instead of putting the ball back in the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense, Pederson would go for it. QB Nick Foles (SB LII MVP) would complete a two-yard pass to TE Zack Ertz. That decision would keep the drive alive and eventually result in an Eagles TD.

NFL Super Bowl

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  1. The Diesel – Super Bowl XVII

The Washington Redskins had trailed for most of this game. That was until the big man took over. On a fourth and 1 from the Dolphins 43 head Coach Joe Gibbs decided to go for it. Everyone in the Rose Bowl knew the ball was going to his best runner, RB John Riggins. Riggins would break the line of scrimmage with the first down. However, that was not all. He would truck 43-yards for the TD giving the Redskins the lead and their first ever Super Bowl Championship. Charlie Brown would add a 6-yard TD with 1:55 left to seal the deal.

  1. The Onside Kick – Super Bowl XLIV

Head Coach Sean Payton would take the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl in Super Bowl XLIV. The first half was a defensive battle. The halftime score was 10-6. However, the game would change after halftime. Sean Payton would have the biggest call in Super Bowl history. The Saints would come out of the locker room and attempt an onside kick. The Saints would emerge from the scrum with the ball. It would only take 5 completions for Drew Brees to take the Saints down the field for the lead changing TD.

These decisions would change the course of several teams history. All four teams would win their first ever championships. Victory is the greatest feeling.

What memorable plays changed the course of your team for the good? Leave a comment below.

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