New England Patriots: 3 Things to Watch Versus the Kansas City Chiefs

The New England Patriots are heading back to the AFC Championship game. This will be their eighth straight appearance. The Patriots are coming off another divisional playoff win against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers were supposed to stop the Patriots run to the championship. The Patriots will now turn their focus to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs and the Patriots met earlier this year in a 43-40 Patriots victory. Both teams were different in personnel in that game. This game means a trip to Super Bowl 53. Here are three things to watch as the Patriots travel to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs.

1. Andy Reid vs Bill Belichick

These two gentlemen are two of the best coaches at the position. Both are highly respected around the NFL. The matchup earlier this year showed what kind of game plans that they can both come up with. Belichick won round 1. Look for both to once again come out with a game plan to wow the fans. The fans will be treated to yet another classic game between these two great teams.

2. Brady vs Mahomes

Tom Brady will probably go down as the best quarterback ever. He has been called the GOAT for a long period of time. Brady has been the best at his position since taking over for Drew Bledsoe. Patrick Mahomes came into his own last year. He took over for Alex Smith this season after the Chiefs traded Smith. Head coach Andy Reid decided to let Smith walk and mold Mahomes. In 2019 Reid got it right Mahomes has been great. Mahomes could be named league MVP after the season is over. This will be a great battle to watch on Sunday night the GOAT vs the future.

3. Weather

The weather will play a huge factor on Sunday night. The weather forecast calls for negative temperatures and the wind chill being in the -20s. What this means it will be hard to throw the football. The run game will be very important. If the Patriots or the Chiefs want to throw the ball, they will have to find a way. If the pass won’t work, then the team that can run the ball will probably win the game.

The AFC Championship game should be a good game to watch. These are the two best teams in the conference. The Patriots and Chiefs both deserve to be here. They had a great first game against each other and chapter 2 should just be as good. Reid and Belichick will be a chess match to watch. Brady vs Mahomes is a great matchup between two great quarterbacks. The weather will probably be the biggest factor to see who will move on to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

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