Los Angeles Lakers: Trading for Anthony Davis is Pivotal to Future Success

There’s hardly any reason to get excited about the NBA regular season anymore, however, with the all-star break a month away one interesting thing to consider is whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers should pull off a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis.

Sure the Lakers are expected to be big players in free agency this summer, but Davis might be the way to go.

The 25-year old won’t be a free agent until 2021, but he does have a player option for 2020.

If the Los Angeles Lakers want a successor to LeBron James it might be wise to acquire a player that dominates the way Davis does.

Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma are good, young talents. However, the purple and gold need an extra boost going forward. Especially if they want to be a legitimate threat in the Western Conference in the near and distant future.

Of course with the Golden State Warriors being as good as they are, LA needs to make sure they can knock them off with a strong core of their own.

Some folks have said Kawhi Leonard doesn’t want to play in the shadow of James if he joined the Lakers. Others don’t think Kevin Durant would leave the W’s to join the Lakers, because they believe he wants to get more rings than LBJ.

Regardless, if Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and the Lakers can’t reel in Durant or Leonard, they will have to pull off a deal to get Davis.

LeBron is getting older and is still working his way back from a groin injury he suffered on Christmas.

Remaining the Face of Los Angeles

The clock is ticking once again for the Los Angeles Lakers and the pressure is only getting worse with the Los Angeles Clippers currently holding the sixth seed in the West.

The Clips have a better record than the Lakers (24-19 compared to Lakers 23-21 mark), even though they don’t have a star leading the way or promising, young talent.

Tobias Harris (20.8 PPG), Danilo Gallinari (19.7), Lou Williams (18.6) and Montrezl Harrell (16) are playing well in helping the Clips remain a playoff team so far this season. Who knows, maybe they will be able to sign a big name free agent of their own. This would only mount more pressure on the Los Angeles Lakers to make a deal.

Sure Anthony Davis has limited playoff experience, but he’s averaged just over 30 points in 13 career playoffs games and nearly 13 boards over that span. Therefore, it’s a fabulous start and with him beside James and Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers would be a threat to knock off anybody and at least put the Warriors on notice.

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