Chicago White Sox: Going the Extra Mile to Sign Manny Machado

The two most talked about free agents this baseball offseason are Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Both expect to make a lot of money for a long time. Many teams are courting the services of these two. However, for Machado, there seems to be a team that is going beyond money to sign the young infielder. That team is the Chicago White Sox.

Reports are circulating the White Sox have offered Machado an eight-year contract. While that may be the case, Bob Nightengale of the USA Today states that the Chicago White Sox have not come off their original offer.

The White Sox laid that offer out about two weeks ago. It was seven years and somewhere in the $175-210 million range. Nonetheless, that is well off the mark that Machado is looking for. He wants money somewhere in $325 million range.

The Chicago White Sox are also going to other lengths in enticing Manny Machado. One such move they made was acquiring Yonder Alonso Alonso. Alonso is the brother-in-law of Machado. He is a nine-year veteran who has a career batting average of .265.

Another move that the White Sox made was signing former Kansas City Royals outfielder Jon Jay. Jay is a very close friend to Manny Machado. He is also a nine-year veteran with a .285 career batting average.

In any case, these signings may not matter. Manny Machado seems to be all about the money. Nothing but the highest dollar will bring him to any city that wants to sign him. Thus, if the Chicago White Sox are serious about putting Machado in the black and white, they may want to consider upping the ante.

While the White Sox are not the only team courting Machado, they taking strong measure to try to lure his services. Adding him to a rebuilding roster could be the strengthening piece that could bring the All-Star to Chicago’s South Side.

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