New Orleans Saints: Three Keys Against the Philadelphia Eagles

The New Orleans Saints are ready and waiting for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon. It will be the second time this season that the two teams have met. However, this game has a lot more meaning than the week 11 meeting. The final in that game was 48-7. Could we see a repeat of that performance on Sunday? Here are three keys for the Saints if they want to see that happen.

Ground Game

In the first game, Alvin Kamara only had 71 yards on the ground. This game was primarily the Mark Ingram show. Ingram finished with 103 yards and 2 TDs on only 16 carries. However, since that game, the Eagles run defense has stiffened up. It will be the front five of the New Orleans Saints to replicate their week 11 performance.

Stay on the Gas

This will be very critical for the New Orleans Saints in this game. I am convinced slowing down, with a big lead, will allow the Philadelphia Eagles to gain confidence that they can win this game. Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and the Saints offense should not let up on Sunday. If you put up a 50 burger, you drop a 50 burger. A close game plays more in the favor of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pressure Nick Foles

Carson Wentz was the QB the last time these two teams played each other. He dropped back 33 times. Nonetheless, the defensive front of the Saints did not touch him on that Sunday afternoon. That will need to change this Sunday. Foles is much more precise. Especially if he is given time in the pocket. Dennis Allen needs to make it very uncomfortable for Foles in this game. Doing so can cause him to make some costly mistakes.

If the New Orleans Saints are going to play for the NFC Championship next week, they should make this game a no-doubter. Letting the Philadelphia Eagles hang around will only make the fans sweat. Think back to week 11 and do the same thing.

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