New England Patriots: 3 Things to Watch Against the Los Angeles Chargers

The New England Patriots achieved a first-round bye after winning yet another AFC East title. Which means they will get to host in the divisional round of the playoffs. The Patriots will welcome the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers had a close win last week on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots have had a week to prepare. They had to somehow to keep together down the stretch. With Rob Gronkowski not, the same player he once was and losing Josh Gordon. Here are 3 things to watch as the Patriots host the Chargers.

1. Running game

The New England Patriots like to use the running backs in the passing game. This is how the Patriots have won in the past. The Patriots will use this to their advantage in this game. The Chargers are one of the worst teams in the league when covering the back in the passing game. Tom Brady will see this and use to the Patriots advantage. They will win easily if the Chargers aren’t prepared.


2. Home field and chilly weather game

It seems the Patriots play well at home and in colder weather. Tom Brady has a 98 percent QB rating in chilly weather games. This will be a big advantage for the Patriots. The Chargers are a warm weather team. Philip Rivers has an 87 percent QB rating in which the temperature is 40 degrees or cooler. The game-time temperature is forecasted to be below 40 degrees on Sunday.

3. Tom Brady

Many experts have said that it finally looks like father time is catching up with Tom Brady. Brady has not been the same player that he was in 2017. His weapons have not been the same this year. Rob Gronkowski is showing signs of his injuries he has had. Brady also lost a down the field weapon in Josh Gordon. He has always shown his great play no matter what and look for that on Sunday afternoon.

This New England Patriots team is not as strong as they were a year ago. They have shown that they are still strong. The Patriots will have their hands full on Sunday with the Los Angeles Chargers. They will use the running backs in the passing game and keep the Chargers defense on their heels. The Patriots will also use the home field and cooler weather to their advantage. Tom Brady will show his greatness again and they have a good chance of moving on to the AFC Championship game.


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