NFC Divisional Playoffs: Los Angeles Rams Three Keys Against Dallas Cowboys

The wait is over. The Los Angeles Rams will finally play their 2018-19 Divisional Playoff game. It will be on Saturday against the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams are the second seed and looking for their first playoff win in Los Angeles since 1986. Ironically, enough that came against the Dallas Cowboys. Now, there have been wins as a Los Angeles Rams franchise since then. However, those were all on the road. So what do the LA Rams need to do in order to beat the Cowboys? Here are three keys.

Jared Goff

Last season, in the divisional round Goff was not on his game. He was 24-45 for 259 yards and 1 TD. The nerves of his first postseason action were on notice. Sean McVay should put this game on his shoulders. Last week, the Seattle Seahawks wish they had thrown more on the secondary of the Dallas Cowboys. They do not have the weapons that the Rams have. Coach Sean McVay and the rest of the offense should be ready for an all-out air assault on the ground of the Los Angeles Coliseum.


The Cowboys are going to down a couple of weapons. Last week Allen Hurns suffered an unfortunate injury. They may also be without slot receiver Cole Beasley. Thus, that leaves Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper. Marcus Peters has not been at his absolute best this season. It could be up to Aqib Talib to slow down Cooper. Meanwhile, Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh, and the rest of the Rams front seven will need to slow down Elliott and Dak Prescott.

Sean McVay

McVay has gotten away from Todd Gurley and the play-action game the past couple of week. Even before the injury to Gurley. McVay needs to get back on that game plan. The Los Angeles Rams were one of the hottest teams in the NFL when they were on that game plan. Getting back to the fundamentals of play calling will really help McVay and the Rams move on in the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Rams are looking to make history along with getting to the NFC Championship Game. In fact, a win could lead to a rematch with the New Orleans Saints. A game that was one of the best during the regular season.

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