New York Jets: Adam Gase is Right for the job and Sam Darnold

Adam Gase was the sixth domino to fall among open head coaching jobs. The New York Jets hired the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday night. There was much speculation that the Jets would give this job to either former Green Bay Packers headman, Mike McCarthy or Kliff Kingsbury. However, it was clear after the interview with Gase that the Jets wanted to younger QB mind for the job.

As stated, Gase is the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He led them from 2016 thru 2018. The Dolphins brought Gase in to work with and improve franchise QB, Ryan Tannehill. In the beginning, they were successful. During the 2016 season, Gase’s first in Miami, he was 8-5 with Tannehill under center. This was the only playoff season that Gase had while with the Miami Dolphins.

Gase now inherits a young QB in Sam Darnold. Darnold only completed 57% of his passes this season for 2,865 yards. He also 17 TD opposed with 15 INTs. One of the first tasks that Gase will do is right the ship with Darnold.

Gase has multiple years of working with many different QBs. As the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, Adam Gase worked with Peyton Manning. He was also the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. During that tenure, he worked with Jay Cutler. All of those were veterans. Now he gets to mold a young QB to his liking.

I believe that the New York Jets made the right decision in the hiring of Adam Gase. With the proper offense, he has been to the playoffs. Also, he has experience working with QBs. This is a good move for the development of Sam Darnold. Also, the development of his staff will be imperative to his successes in New York.

How do you feel about the New York Jets hiring Adam Gase as head coach? Leave a comment below.

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