Cincinnati Bengals Rumors: Zac Taylor to be Hired as Head Coach

In one of the quietest coaching searches in quite some time, the Cincinnati Bengals may have finally made a decision. Reports are out that as soon as the Los Angeles Rams are out of the playoffs, the Bengals will hire Rams QB Coach, Zac Taylor. This is a change in owner Mike Brown’s philosophy. The thought was he wanted to hire someone with familiarity with the organization.

Many believed that the Cincinnati Bengals would hire someone with ties to the organization. Not long after the Cleveland Browns fired him, Marvin Lewis rehired Hue Jackson. Thoughts were that he was the heir apparent to Lewis when he finished coaching.

Again, following the Denver Broncos firing Vance Joseph, there was immediate interest from the organization. They even scheduled a two-day interview with him shortly after.

The third familiar candidate was Darrin Simmons. Simmons was the Special Teams coach for the Bengals since 2003. During his tenure, the Bengals had some of the best special teams units in the NFL.

Now they decide to go outside and with a fresh face. Taylor has been an assistant coach in the NFL since 2012. At that time, he was the assistant QBs coach with the Miami Dolphins. He became the QBs coach of the Dolphins the following year.

Zac Taylor has also been an offensive coordinator. His most recent coordinating position was in 2016 with the Cincinnati Bearcats. Although, it was only for one season.

If Taylor is hired, it will be up to him to select a strong defensive coordinator. The success of the younger coaches thus far relates to their head defensive men. Sean McVay has Wade Phillips, Anthony Lynn has Gus Bradley, Frank Reich has Matt Eberflus, and Mike Vrabel has Dean Pees.

Another NFL franchise is selecting a young mind to be its leader. This seems to be a trend as teams have openings. All are trying to find their next Sean McVay.

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