Green Bay Packers: Does Using a First Round Pick on Antonio Brown Make Sense?

On the wires Saturday morning the Pittsburgh Steelers stated that they are going to look at trades for the disgruntled 30-year-old Antonio Brown. The Green Bay Packers happen to have two of those in the 2019 draft. While there is no doubt that Brown is one of the best route runners in the NFL today, you have to believe that the Steelers are going to want multiple first-round picks for their star receiver.

The real question is: Does it Make Sense? I believe there are two schools of thought on this.

The first is “Oh Hell No”. He is 30 years old and has shown this season that he has a bit of “Drama Queen” in him. Whether it’s not getting his targets, not appreciating the play calling or just a general malcontent. Brown has shown that he is a prima donna and wants to be treated as such. Whether he deserves to be or not is not in question. The Green Bay Packers have always had a propensity to build their team through the draft and keep a young core and only pay the players that they feel fit their core philosophy. Additionally, there is the remaining salary on Brown’s contract. The Packers are not cash flush at the moment and that money can be better spent on retaining Bashaud Breeland or Muhammad Wilkerson.

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The Second School of thought is, “Yes our offense struggled this season give Aaron Rodgers better weapons”. This one is intriguing to me. As mentioned Brown is one of if not the best route runner in the NFL and Rodgers will be a Hall of Fame quarterback. Giving Rodgers a weapon opposite of Devante Adams would not only make this offense potent but also make it elite.

In order for any of this to work, Brown would definitely have to change his attitude and become a team player for whomever the next Green Bay Packers head coach is. He would have to understand that this offense would not run through him and he would be just a cog in the machine. I guess the real question here is: Can Antonio Brown be just a cog and not the focal point to any team, not just the Packers?

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