2018 Peach Bowl: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The 2018 Peach Bowl was an unexcepted game. Most experts and fans thought it would be a low scoring defense game. It ended up not being that and then some. The Gators came out and took it to the Wolverines. The Florida Gators didn’t look good in the first quarter but made some changes that the Michigan Wolverines could not stop. The Gators capped off a good season that not anyone not only they thought would happen. The Wolverines in the past have dominated the Gators in bowl games. This game was different here is the good, bad and ugly from the 2018 Peach Bowl.

The Good

The Florida Gators as a team. The only time the Gators struggled was on their first offensive position. They have been known as a good defensive team all year. They held the Wolverines to just 15 pts. Their offense would score 41 points. The Gators looked good on the ground and had a few lucky passes go their way. Franks did look good both running and passing. He took all the emotion going on all year and showed that he can play quarterback if given the opportunity. Dan Mullen has the Gators moving in the right direction and there are brighter days ahead for the Florida Gators.

The Bad

The Michigan Wolverines as a team. Here is a team that had a good year in looked they finally could be a playoff team. They suffered two losses in which they were dominated in. Yesterday the Gators did it and they lose to their rivals the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Wolverines did have injuries yesterday to key players. They could not get going on offense and were unable to stop the Gators on offense. Now under Jim Harbaugh, they are 1-7 against teams ranked in the top 10.

The Ugly

In some cases, the turn out of the game. This is just like the Super Bowl when you have two good teams, we all except a good game. For Gators fans, this is what they were hoping for a win. For the Wolverines fans, they do not like to see their team dominated for a second straight game. The 2018 Peach Bowl could have been more entertaining. I thought it might have come down to a field goal. The committee picks these games so maybe in the future we will see more entertaining games. The Gators fans will disagree a win is a win the Wolverines fans will agree.

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