2018 Cotton Bowl: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The first of two playoffs games was the Cotton Bowl. The committee went through a selection process to pick the final four teams. The two games are supposed to be close. The winners are the ones going for the National Championship. Both the Clemson Tigers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish deserved to be in the game. They were both undefeated during the season. The game was not a close one at all. Many will say the Irish were overrated and UCF should have been in their spot. Was the committee trying to have another National Title game with Clemson and Alabama? Here is the good, bad and ugly from the Cotton Bowl.

The Good

Was the play of the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers showed their dominance all year and they blew out the Fighting Irish. On both sides of the ball, they took it the Notre Dame. The only place where they didn’t have control maybe would have been on special teams. They move the ball up and down the field through the air and on the ground. If the Tigers play like they did yesterday, they will have no problem taking it to the Alabama Crimson Tide.


The Bad

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish for not showing up. The Irish had some things not go their way throughout the game. The unfortunate part is they were not able to overcome anything. Clemson looked like the team that deserved to be in the playoff game the Irish didn’t. The Irish only scored an early field goal yesterday. This is not the same Irish team that played all season.

The Ugly

The game itself was not good for the playoff. The committee may need to look at how they pick the teams. Clemson made the Irish look like a high school team. Casual fans turned the game off early. This should not happen. This is a major bowl game. Clemson fans were very happy and Irish fans were not. This did not make the committee and the college football playoff look very good.


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