2019 Playstation Fiesta Bowl: LSU Tigers vs UCF Knights

One of the non-big two games is the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. It will feature the UFC Knights and LSU Tigers. UCF, once again, for the second year in a row has gone undefeated. The Knights want to play for a National Championship. One big issue is that they don’t play in a major conference. The LSU Tigers come into the game being an SEC team that tries to take the Alabama Crimson Tide off of the mountain. They didn’t accomplish that and now have a challenge in front of them. Last year UCF beat an SEC team in the Auburn Tigers. This game should be one of the entertaining games outside of the two playoff games.

UCF Knights

The Knights have won the AAC championship game the last two years. What the Knights are trying to do is show that a non-power conference school should have a chance to play for the national championship. In fact, last year they said they were the National Champions, but everybody knows it was the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Knights have won all their games by outscoring their opponents. They are currently ranked 3rd overall on offense in all of college football. If they have a weakness it would be on defense. The Knights defense ranks 85th in college football. The Knights will, of course, have to try to beat the Tigers minus their starting quarterback McKenzie Milton who twisted his knee terribly in the final regular season game against the USF Bulls.


LSU Tigers

The Tigers finished 2nd in the SEC West. Only behind the number 1 team in the country the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tigers suffered three losses all to conference opponents. Those losses came against the Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Texas A&M Aggies. The Tigers loss to the Aggies may go down as one of the best college football games in 2018. The Tigers, like the Knights, score a lot of points. On offense, they rank 79th overall and on defense 31st. Their defense will be tested in this game. The offense will test the Knights defense.

This game will kickoff at 1 pm Est on New Years Day. It will be at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. If the Knights win, they will continue to say they deserve a shot for the whole ball of wax. This game will be different from a year ago when they defeated the Auburn Tigers. The LSU Tigers come in with a better offense and defense. This game will go back and forth. It will be a high scoring game that may come down to a field goal or an OT win.


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