Soccer: Manchester United – The Commercial Kings

Manchester United can easily be described as the Kings of Flash.  This is the second year in a row that they have been named the most valuable team in the world. If we take a look back at the former years, United used to be it a club, it was rich, famous, exciting, powerful and arrogant. Hey, you can’t ignore that the days of Sir Alex Ferguson were pretty good.

When Forbes produced the most valuable teams in the world, Manchester United broke the record in 2017. It was the first time in twenty years that a club had broken the €600 million mark. The team made £515.3 million in 2017 while this year they made a staggering £527.7 million.

If you are into sports betting for instance and are looking for a team to bet on, you will see that most people love to go in for Manchester United. The football team still holds on to its appeal among audience all over.

Why are Manchester United Commercial Giants?

Manchester United might not be on top of the table when it comes to the Premier League but no one can come close to them when it comes to the money. They are the commercial giants. When it comes to making money moves no one can compare to how they have transformed football into a business.

When Manchester United wore those suits they have went on to make deals. They were able to make commercial deals with mobile phone companies and even fast food joints. They even made a deal with Phil Jones duvet covers who could even think that was possible.

Manchester United set the pace and other clubs followed. But none of them could be able to make commercial deals like this team from Old Trafford.

Studies show that last year 53% of Manchester United’s revenue was made from the commercial side of the business. They made a whopping £278.1 million. Manchester City comes in second with £178.8 million.


One of the key components that have triggered and grown Manchester United’s revenue is the Premier League deal. Rumors have it that Manchester United earns a lot from the Premier League. Although there are no numbers to prove this.

The Premier League’s TV deal has seen the Manchester brand grow although other clubs are part of the deal. Clubs now have state of the art facilities and improved stadiums.

Will Manchester United lose its crown as the commercial giants?

It is good to note that other clubs are catching up to this whole commercial business. Many of the clubs in Europe are making more deals. Before Manchester United took over the crown in the last two years, Real Madrid was at the top of the list for the past four years. Their value had continued to rise after winning their third straight win in the Champions League.

This year they came in second as the world most valuable team (€674.6 million).

Other teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, and Chelsea are also making money moves.

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