DFS Sunday Main Slate: Take a Jet to Those Saints

Your season-long season is over and you’re looking for something to do? Play some DFS, both Draft Kings and FanDuel have free games you can dip your toes into, or drop a ten spot into one of the services and start building your bankroll.  This slate, more so then Saturday’s disaster of a slate, has some great plays at all the skill positions, with a decent amount of variance in the pricing that you can build some hefty cash lineups and some really strong GPP lines. Let’s dig in and get you some cash.

Game Lines

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers — Falcons -3 O/U 44.5

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots — Patriots -13.5 O/U 44.5

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns — Brown -9.5 O/U 44.5

Green Bay Packers at New York Jets — Packers -2.5 O/U 47

Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles — Eagles -1.5 O/U 46

Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins —  Dolphins -305 O/U 38

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions — Vikings -6 O/U 42.5

New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts — Colts -9 O/U 48

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys — Cowboys -7 O/U 48

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers — Bears -4.5 O/U 43

L.A. Rams at Arizona Cardinals — Rams -13.5 O/U 44.5

Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints — Saints -6.5 O/U 52.5


This week it’s fairly simple to sort out the QB position. For cash games, there are really only 2 plays that make sense, on the high-end let’s go back tot he well and take Ben Roethlisberger ($6.7K on DK and $8.7K on FD). Ben while being a bit shaky lately will have his opportunities with the Steelers heading to the Superdome, and could potentially have to play from behind. On the low-end of the pricing Nick Foles ($4.7K on DK and $6.0K on FD) is playing at home and coming off leading the Eagles to an upset win over the Rams last Sunday night. For GPPs, the field opens up a bit, the smart play would be to throw Drew Brees ($6.5K on DK and $8.4K on FD) in your lineups. Over the past 4 home games, Brees has thrown 4 TDs in each contest, well he’s at home again and will definitely have his chances against a middle of the road Steelers defense.

Andrew Luck ($6.2K on DK and $8.2K on FD) is at home against a Giants defense that is depleted due to trades and injuries, he may very well just feast and be the pick of the week. A lot of my colleagues are all in on Dak Prescott ($5.7K on DK and $7.3K on FD) this week, I’m just not there. He, in my opinion, is not a good QB and has just been lucky on some big plays blurring his real stat lines, I just can’t go there.

The last play I have and I think it will be a sneaky one is Sam Darnold ($4.9K on DK and $6.7K on FD) he is going up against a Packers defense that is banged up all over the place and a secondary that has been taken advantage of all season.

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Running Backs

There are some really nice plays here, Nick Chubb ($7.3K on DK and $7.9K on FD) is going up against a Bengals team that has packed it in for the season and is not very good at stopping the run or pass catching backs. In their last meeting, Chubb torched this team for one of his best games of the season. Ezekiel Elliott ($9.0K on DK and $8.8K on FD) finally gets his crack at the terrible Buccaneer defense and should get into the end zone ending his two-game drought. Even if he doesn’t he is still a top option on this slate, especially in cash games.

I like Jamaal Williams ($5.4K on DK and $5.8K on FD) and Elijah McGuire ($4.7K on DK and $5.7K on FD) in the Jet/Packer game. I don’t see this game getting too lopsided in either direction, the Packer offense is just not firing on all cylinders and Darnold should be able to do enough to keep the game interesting which will keep these two guys in play for touches.

If you don’t like what you see with Elliot you could always pivot over to Saquon Barkley ($7.9K on DK and $9.0K on FD), as stated in weeks prior the offense goes through him whether it’s through the air or on the ground.

Wide Receivers

This week there are so many ways you can attack the slate and here is one of the places you can really get the variance you’re looking for. Let’s get right into the craziness, one of my top plays this week is on the cheaper side of the pricing. Robbie Anderson ($4.5K on DK and $5.9K on FD) who will draw a Packer secondary that is not very good, he is also Darnold’s favorite target so he should get his. Michael Thomas ($8.1K on DK and $8.3K on FD) is home again and his pricing is so soft this week that I cannot justify not playing him. The Saints offense is a different beast when at home, and I’m not going to take the stance that because the Steelers shut down Brady last week that they can replicate it again this week.

Alshon Jeffery ($5.3K on DK and $6.3K on FD) is the favorite target of Nick Foles and there is no reason that he won’t be targeted heavily in this contest. On the other side of the ball, you really can’t go wrong with DeAndre Hopkins ($8.6K on DK and $8.9K on FD) this guy has been putting on a clinic all season and there is no reason he shouldn’t flaunt his moves all over the Eagles defense. If you want some variance in the high dollar guys, have a look at T.Y. Hilton ($7.1K on DK and $7.7K on FD) as mentioned above the Giants secondary is depleted and not very good. Antonio Brown ($8.3K on DK and $8.7K on FD) well he has a great matchup this week with the low rated Saints pass defense.

Some value plays this week that I like are Josh Reynolds ($4.6K on DK and $5.3K on FD), Sterling Shepard ($4.8K on DK and $5.0K on FD), and Calvin Ridley ($5.1K on DK and $5.5K on FD).

Tight Ends

This position fallen off a cliff this season, I’m going back to the well again with Eric Ebron ($5.7K on DK and $6.1K on FD) and David Njoku ($3.8K on DK and $5.3K on FD). For variance sake, take a look at Cameron Brate($3.9K on DK and $5.2K on FD) and Austin Hooper ($3.7K on DK and $5.3K on FD) Vance McDonald ($4.1K on DK and $5.5K on FD).

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Here is where I’m looking for a DFS defense this week Dallas Cowboys (Cash, GPP), LA Rams (Cash, GPP). If you want to punt your defense take a look at the Atlanta Falcons (Cash, GPP) and Philadelphia Eagles (GPP).

Top Stacks

New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, Michael Thomas

NY Jets: Sam Darnold, Robbie Anderson, Elijah McGuire

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Vance McDonald

Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron

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