Washington Redskins: Three Keys Against the Tennessee Titans

The Washington Redskins have a very important game on Saturday afternoon. For one, they need this game to stay alive in the NFC Playoff picture. Two, if they are to be eliminated it could mean that there will be some big changes coming. Therefore the Redskins need to be at their best against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday. What does that entail? Here are three keys for a large victory on Saturday.

Josh Johnson

I put Johnson on the list again in week 16. He needs to have another well-played game for the Washington Redskins to be successful. Last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars he led 2 4th quarter drives for scores that resulted in a win. His comfort in the offense should be even greater this week. Play loose! There is nothing to lose.


At the beginning of the game against the Jaguars, the Redskins defense looked ready to play. They had a lapse, later on, however, they regained their form to hold on for the win. They will need to be at their best in order to hold the offense of the Titans offense. Especially Derek Henry. Keeping Henry off the pace he has been on is going to be a huge key

Jay Gruden

This could the game, that some believe, could save his job (not this writer). Nonetheless, Gruden needs to be on his best. He did a better job last week against the Jags keeping the Redskins ahead of the chains. Although, he was helped out by the legs of his QB on some plays. He will need to be creative but also status quo to keep his offense on the field.

The Washington Redskins are 10 point underdogs heading into the game on Saturday. No one is expecting anything less than a loss in Nashville, TN. Therefore, there is nothing left but to Keep Calm and Shock the World!

Keep Calm

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How do you feel about the chances of the Washington Redskins on Saturday? Leave a comment below.

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