South Florida Bulls: Early Signings Look Good for USF

The college football world had a big day yesterday. It was the first day of early signings. This is where all the colleges around the country get the recruits they were hoping to sign to their school. The big schools well get those 4- and 5-star recruits. The small schools still hope to land one but know they are getting the guys that still want to play football. One of those smaller schools is the University of South Florida. The Bulls finished their season 7-5 and have a bowl game happening tonight. Here are the signees that USF got on day 1.


The Bulls focused on their offensive line. They signed 3 offensive tackles and one offensive guard. The offensive tackles are Matthew McDuffie, Joshua Blanchard, and Raymond Collins. These three gentlemen all hail from the state of Florida. McDuffie hails from Baker County. Blanchard from Miami Norland. Collins is local from Largo not far from Tampa. The offensive guard is Dustyn Hall from Charlotte County. These guys are there to protect the quarterbacks and running backs in the upcoming year.

The Bulls added some competition at quarterback. A very talented quarterback named Jahquez Evans. He was a 6A first team all-state selection. He is from Georgia. The Bulls need weapons to throw the ball too. They acquired three wide receivers. Two of them are known as speedsters Kelley Joiner Jr. and Xavier Weaver. These two will help the speed along with Terrance Horne. Horne will be returning from ACL surgery. The other WR is a lengthy wideout named Logan Berryhill. The last pickup on offense was a talented running back Josh Berry. He was known as a complete back. This will help the Bulls in 2019 in the areas where they struggled on offense.


The Bulls need help in along the defensive line and in the secondary. They got help with a talented pair both in the secondary and on the D line. McArthur Burnett is a DB and Tyrik Jones is a DE. Both will probably see action early in 2019. There were three more added to the secondary. Daquan Evans, Jayden Curry, and Leonard Parker two corners and a safety. This will help the secondary, so they don’t get beat on deep plays.

The defensive line needed help. The Bulls at times have been able to put pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. But like all teams they need help. They added two more DE Jason Vaughn and Thomas Nance. Of course, they will help Tyrik Jones. With Nico Sawtell hurt towards the end of the season they picked up Demaurez Bellamy. This will help with depth and starters on defense.

The Bulls did well on their first day. Both sides of the ball got help. As or right now the Bulls will 9 QB’s in camp next year. Charlie Strong will have another decision to make. The Bulls got help everywhere they needed. Like I mentioned earlier these guys want to play and decided to come and try and help USF get to a major bowl game. Let see how these guys will help the current Bulls and they have some more signees coming in.


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