Columbus Blue Jackets: Artemi Panarin Seeking $10 to $11 Million per Season

Hockey player Artemi Panarin likes money. That much is obvious from his constant requests to earn more and more. Though he is already being paid a very high salary by NHL standards, the rumor is that he’s requesting more than ever in the coming season. The Columbus Blue Jackets player, who helped his team top the Metropolitan Division, has a contract that is about to run out, which makes for the perfect time to request more money.

What’s Happening with Panarin Right Now?

Through his agent, Dan Milstein, Panarin has already made it known that a long-term deal isn’t on the table at the moment. And, while many took this as a low-key indicator that the player wants to part ways with the team, it is not giving up without a fight and is still making efforts to persuade the player to stay put. Also, it is not uncommon for players to say this kind of thing in an effort to make their team likely to pay a higher salary. This might well be what Panarin is doing, but only time can really tell. That certainly doesn’t stop people from speculating though.


Rumors Abound About Panarin

As is always the case with sports negotiations, especially when you’ve got a player with such powerful Pucky statistics as Panarin, all kinds of rumors are abuzz at the moment. Many are claiming that Artemi Panarin is asking for $10 to $11 million a year for his next move, and that’s supposedly true whether he stays with his current team or not.

An Unprecedented Salary

While some might not think it’s a big deal for Panarin to make this type of money, consider that hockey athletes are not often paid the huge salaries of football players and other athletes. In fact, if Panarin gets what he’s supposedly after, he would be the only winger other than Patrick Kane to ever make double-digit million figures. Some are even saying that if Panarin gets this amount of money it could set a dangerous precedent for other hockey players and could lead to a huge inflation in player salaries.

Only Time Will Tell What Happens

Of course, it is important to remember in all of this that nothing official has even been announced from Panarin’s camp yet. No one actually knows what the player will ask for or request in terms of money or if he will stay with his current team or join a new one entirely. Thus, with so much still up in the air, it’s important not to jump to conclusions or start worrying about the future just yet. For now, it’s just interesting to see what actually happens for Panarin in the coming months.

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