Tampa Bay Rays: Trades and Signings making 2019 a good year

The Tampa Bay Rays have made some recent trades to help them in the 2019 season. The Rays shocked all the MLB last year and winning 90 games. They did it a non-traditional way. Instead of having 5 starters they started their bullpen pitchers twice a week. At times this approach would work and at others, it wouldn’t. Kevin Cash was the one who thought of the whole scenario. It seems that moving forward that other MLB teams are doing the same. Here are some recent trades that they have made to bolster their team for next year.

Mike Zunino

The Rays needed a catcher. This was one position that was a question mark. So, they went out and got one. They made a trade with the Seattle Mariners to obtain Mike Zunino. They would give away minor leaguer Jake Fraley and Mallex Smith. Smith was a skillful player for the Rays in 2018. Zunino is good defensively and offensively. He hit .201 last year which is just 6 points below his career-best .207 average. Last year he only committed 2 errors defensively. He will be the captain of reigning CY Young award winner Blake Snell, the rest of the pitching staff, and newly acquired Charlie Morton.


Charlie Morton

Morton has been with the Houston Astros the last few seasons. He was a big part of the Astros recent success. Also, Morton pitched in 2016 ALCS and World Series where we won. He led the majors in 2018 with the most hit batters. The Rays just signed him to 2-year 30 million dollar deal. He will help take the pressure off Blake Snell. Also, he will use his tenacity and maybe the Rays pitchers will not try to make the perfect pitch anymore. If they focus on just pitching it will lead to more winning and this will help the team moving forward.

Yandy Diaz

This trade happened just a few days ago. This trade involved three teams. The Mariners once again and the Cleveland Indians. The trade went like this the Rays obtained Yandy Dias and Cole Sulser which is a minor leaguer. The Indians got Jake Bauers from the Rays and cash from the Mariners. The Mariners get Edwin Encarnacion and a 2019 competitive balance pick. Diaz will help booster in the infield.

The question that many Rays fan asked is did they give up Jake Bauers to soon? Bauers was a great one-two punch with Willy Adames. It seemed a year ago that they made trades like this and it worked out. With obtaining Zunino and Morton this will make them better in 2019. The Diaz deal we will have to wait and see. No matter what other than the stadium deal the 2019 season is looking up for the Tampa Bay Rays.


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