Denver Broncos: The 2018 Playoffs are Still in Sight

As the 2018 NFL season winds down, the thoughts of playoffs dance in the heads of many teams. However, some of those teams need help along with, themselves, playing better. That is the case of the Denver Broncos. They are right on the cusp of that playoff bubble. How can the Broncos get in the 2018 AFC Playoff Picture? Here is a look at the team involved and what needs to happen.

Denver Broncos

Plain and simple. For the Broncos to reach the postseason, they must win all three remaining games. Will that happen? It could. Their three remaining opponents are the Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, and Los Angeles Chargers. The Browns are fighting for their playoff life as well with Denver. The Raiders suffered elimination last week.

The toughest game here could be the Chargers. Although, they may have a playoff seed wrapped up by then and could end up resting some of their key players heading into that game.

Miami Dolphins

The Broncos need the most help from this team. The help that the Broncos need from the Dolphins is multiple losses. Two out of their last three games to be exact. Opponents – @ Minnesota Vikings, vs Jacksonville Jaguars, and @ Buffalo Bills.

Indianapolis Colts

This is one of the teams that the Denver Broncos need the least help from. They only need the Colts to lose one of their final three games. Opponents – vs Dallas Cowboys, vs New York Giants, and @ Tennessee Titans.

Baltimore Ravens

The second of the three teams that the Broncos need the least help from. Again, they only need them to lose one of their final three games. Remember the Ravens beat the Broncos in September. Opponents – vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, @ Los Angeles Chargers, and vs Cleveland Browns.

Tennessee Titans

The last of the teams that the Denver Broncos need the least amount of help from. The Titans need to lose one of their remaining three games to help the Broncos into the postseason. Opponents – @ New York Giants, vs Washington Redskins, and vs Indianapolis Colts.

However, none of these teams matter if the Broncos lose any of their remaining three games. Therefore, all the Denver Broncos can do is win and hope for the best from the rest.

You can watch all these scenarios play themselves out over the final three weeks of the season. In addition, you can also play with them on the ESPN Playoff Machine.

How do you feel about the Denver Broncos making the 2018 NFL Playoffs? Leave a comment below.

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