Washington Redskins: A Look Ahead to the 2019 QB Situation

The 2018 season for the Washington Redskins was looking very promising. That was until November 18 when franchise QB Alex Smith suffered a horrific leg injury. Smith suffered a spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula. Since that injury, he has been through several surgeries. Most of them to combat an infection that has developed. Thus, Alex Smith’s status for 2019 is now in jeopardy.

Therefore, the Redskins have a dilemma on their hands. What will they do at QB? Let’s look at some of their options heading into 2019.

Stay in-house

The Washington Redskins could stay in-house with some of the current QBs. Colt McCoy is still under contract. He did not play enough games to void the final year of his contract. McCoy has been in the system since the team hired Jay Gruden. Thus, he knows how to run it. He should be healthy enough by OTAs. That is evident by the team not placing him on injured reserve.

As far as a backup, you could always bring back Josh Johnson from his tour of duty with Alliance of American Football. He has shown competence with the offense as well.

Free Agency

There are a couple of QBs that are on current rosters that will become free agents at the beginning of the new year in March. A couple could come with respectable salaries. Remember the Redskins are going to have to pay Alex Smith for his injury.

Teddy Bridgewater

The current New Orleans Saints backup is itching to get a starting job. While he may be in a good situation with the Saints, he will be a free agent at the start of 2019. The Redskins could make a play for the one time Minnesota Vikings starting QB. He did lead them to the playoffs in 2016.

Tyrod Taylor

The one time Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns starting QB would make a great addition to the Washington Redskins. He compliments the run game by being a multi-dimensional QB. He has a very strong arm. Taylor is also very accurate and seldom turns the ball over. He would make the offense excel.


While this is probably the least likely scenario, it is still possible. If doctors are concerned that Alex Smith’s career is over, there could be an injury settlement reached between the two parties. Thus freeing up more cap space allowing for a trade.

Blake Bortles

Now before you say I am crazy, hear me out. Think back to 2017. Bortles was a top 15 QB in the NFL. He had a running game and solid WRs. The Washington Redskins may be able to get him for little compensation too. The key would be to work out a lesser contract that could be friendly to both parties. This would allow the Redskins to get better WRs.

Andy Dalton

Dalton has had success under Gruden. The team could look to reunite the 31-year-old QB with his former OC. Doing so would keep a veteran presence under center and keep familiarity with the offense. Dalton has two years remaining on his current deal. Moving him would save the Bengals $16.2 million. A move they may be willing to make.

The 2019 NFL Draft

The Redskins have failed in the past at this area. While they were successful for a year with Robert Griffin III, it still did not turn out for what the team gave up. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins became a household name. However, his greed became unwavering for the Redskins.

This year’s draft class is not that strong. Nonetheless, there may be a couple of names that could end up being starters in the NFL.


Haskins is a drop back QB. He has a very strong arm that gives him the ability to throw open receivers. Haskins will stay in the pocket. This often costs him but if his line protects him, his arm strength will reward the offense.


Finley was the top preseason QB in college football. He is 6’4” and 215 pounds. Ryan can make all the throws and has great pocket awareness. His maturity and brain could be exactly what the Washington Redskins need to build behind.


This name should sound familiar to fans of the Washington Redskins. Rypien is the nephew of Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien. He is a four-year starter at Boise State. Rypien is a very accurate passer. In 2018, he has a completion percentage of near 68%. He too has a tremendous pocket sense and quickly progresses through his receivers.

All of the above also depends on the coaching situation of the Washington Redskins. If Redskins owner Dan Snyder decides to clean house, it will be up to the new GM and Head Coach as to which direction the team goes.

What direction would you like the Washington Redskins to go at QB? Leave a comment below,

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