NHL: A New Team is Coming to Seattle

There was a big announcement that the NHL made just over a week ago. This will not occur until the start of the 2020 NHL season. The NHL announced there will be a new team in Seattle, Washington. This comes just three years after they put a team in Las Vegas. The Golden Knights had a great first year making to the Stanley Cup Finals. They would be defeated by the Washington Capitals. The Seattle area lost their NBA franchise to Oklahoma City. Its time once again for the city to have a major sports team other than the Seahawks and Mariners.

Once again, the NHL with have another Expansion draft. That means every NHL franchise besides the Golden Knights will lose two players. This might also cause another shift in the NHL. They might need to redo the way the teams are grouped. With the current way the teams are grouped, there was a handful that was against it. Maybe the five that were upset will now be a little bit happier.


This will now even the number of teams in the NHL. The big question is what the team name will be. Wouldn’t it be cool if they are called the Supersonics? It would bring back what the NBA team was called. Most likely that will not happen. Two of the top names are the Cougars and Kraken. It will be exciting to see which name gets picked. The group that will be owned them include Todd Leiweke and Jerry Bruckheimer.

However, this is great for the NHL. It is also good for the Seattle area. With the expansion, the league also wants to expand the playoffs. This is not an innovative idea. They already have 16 teams in the postseason they don’t need to be anymore. Let’s see what happens as this year and next year season still must conclude. As an NHL fan, I am happy to see yet another new franchise.

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