DFS: Week 14 The RB Value Roulette

Week 14, your team in your season long league is a dumpster fire, and there’s nothing left to play for. That’s the perfect time to dip your toe into DFS and give it a whirl.

This week is an interesting week brought on by injuries at the RB position that has opened up tons of value. James Conner is out, so is Matt Brieda, let’s not forget Melvin Gordon is out for a few more weeks, oh and there’s that guy Doug Martin who has a big “Q” next to his name. This presents us with the value here Jaylen Samuels and Stevan Ridley in Pittsburgh, and Jeff Wilson in San Francisco. Then there is the 2 headed monster in Los Angeles of Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson. Why I’m even bringing up this dumpster fire of Oakland is beyond me. Considering they just added C.J. Anderson to an already crowded retread backfield.


Just because there is value there doesn’t mean you should slot these plays in. While they do provide salary relief and potential upside, the fact is there are so many RB’s in this area it creates the roulette effect. Who do you play in which match up? What player has the highest ceiling? Who is the chalk? Who is a cash game play versus a GPP play?

Let’s try to bring some clarity here.

Pittsburgh Steelers

James Conner  – OUT

Jaylen Samuels (4.6K FD, 3.7K DK) – This is the boutique play this weekend as Samuels came on after Conners went down. There is chatter that Ridley will be sharing the load so buyer beware. He does have high upside so as a value play I give this a B grade.

Stevan Ridley (4.5K FD, 3.3K DK) – Oh what to say here, a journeyman RB who has at times shown flashes of brilliance, but also has an injury history that has stalled his career. I just don’t have faith in this play at all. I give this a C grade.

San Francisco 49ers

Matt Breida – OUT

Jeff Wilson (5.6K FD, 3.8K DK) – This kid came into the game last week and took the load, even if Alfred Morris is active, Wilson’s upside is too great to not want a few shares of. This could be a solid play, put a few shares on red and let it roll. I give this a B+ grade.

San Diego Chargers

Melvin Gordon – OUT

Austin Ekeler (6.7K FD, 6.2K DK) – The main back up to Gordon all season who has been streaky at best. Now bring Jackson into the fold and it muddies the waters even more. I’ll give this a C+ grade


Justin Jackson (4.5K FD, 3.8K DK) – This is intriguing of a play in this split backfield. We already know what Eckler is and the unknown of Jackson and the potential of the hot hand role might be worth a few shares. I’ll give this a B- grade, but just by a hair.

Oakland Raiders

Doug Martin – Questionable

Jalen Richard (4.8 FD, 4.1 DK) – Richard has been in the mix all season, his targets while erratic he is always active in the offense. With Martin questionable and C.J. Anderson just joining the team, his upside this week is too great to not like. I’ll give this an A- grade.

So after taking a look at all of these value plays you see where my comment about roulette comes into play. Sometimes too much of a good thing creates confusion and dart throwing.

Look at the grades and formulate your own thoughts on these value options.

Do you agree or disagree with my assertations here? Let me know. Also look for my complete break down of this week’s main slate options.

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