Army vs Navy: A Quick Look Inside America’s Game

There is one college football game that no matter which team you follow you should be watching. That game is the Army vs Navy game. This game has been a tradition for as long as football has been around. These gentleman that play in this game are not only players but soldiers. These soldiers help defend our freedom. One of the best things is to see the cadets of both the Army and Naval Academies. Both sides stand all the way throughout the game and don’t sit until the final whistle. Here is a preview of one of the most storied football games in all of college football.


The Navy Midshipmen will be paying tribute to the goat. El Cid is the goat that will be on the helmet of the Midshipmen. El Cid is the mascot of the USS New York. In 1893 when the Midshipmen beat the Army, they called it a good luck mascot. The Midshipmen come into this game with a 3-9 record. It hasn’t been the season that the Midshipmen would like. In two of their losses, they had close games with both AAC Championship teams. The Golden Knights of UCF and Memphis Tigers almost lost to Navy. Look for the Navy, as they always do, to try to revenge last year’s loss against Army.



The Black Knights of Army come into the game with a better record. They are currently 9-2. Army will be wearing all black uniforms in the game. Like the Midshipmen, the uniforms will be awesome. Now many might look at this as a trap game for the Black Knights. The Knights will have to read and watch for an upset. They do have a win last year in the snow. That one had been a long time coming. Let’s see if Army can make it two years in a row.

This game is known as a twelve-month chess match. It will be once again in Philadelphia. This game will have president Donald Trump in attendance. Half the stadium will be wearing black and other in gray. As a college football fan, this is one game I love to watch. I am proud to be an American! This game has more meaning than just a college football game. I will be watching on Saturday; the question is will you be?


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