Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, WTF Against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Redskins played in a must-win game at Philadelphia on Monday Night. However, it was more like the previous Monday Night games. DISASTROUS! The Redskins are now in a fight for their playoff lives with four games remaining. While these games are winnable, it is going to take a lot of work to get it done. Was there any good from last night? What was bad last night? We take a look at the Good, Bad, and WTF from Monday night.

The Good

Adrian Peterson

While it may have only been one play, Peterson was the best thing for the Washington Redskins on Monday. The leading candidate for the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year showed that he could still outrun young defenders on any given day. With the losses on offense, AP becomes even more important.

The Bad

Josh Norman

Norman may have had an interception. However, that was the extent of his good play. He has had some issues in coverage of late and it is costing the defense. In addition, his lack of tackling the player is becoming an issue. Norman insists on tackling the football. The Redskins need fundamentals at this point. That will result in bigger plays.


The Washington Redskins lost two more players for the season on Monday night. Gone now are G Johnathan Cooper (Torn Bicep) and QB Colt McCoy (Broken Fibula). The list of players on season-ending injured reserve is getting insanely long. The Redskins are now playing with their third-string RG and QB. Can it get any worse?

Rush Defense

What was, at one point this season, one of the best run defenses in the NFL has gone to the birds. Teams have figured out that if you want to beat the size of the Redskins front 4 to run east and west on them. This is how teams have gashed over the last few weeks. Lateral running plays with speed backs are hurting this team.



Down 14-13 and just getting the ball back on an interception Jay Gruden once again flubbed his play-calling duties. I understand that Mark Sanchez was the QB and the play selection may be limited. However, right there was a perfect time to take a shot. Instead, Gruden seized up, ran short passes, and even tried a reverse with Jamison Crowder. This is something that has been an issue all season with Gruden. The lack of choking out the opposition needs to be addressed.

There are four games remaining for the Washington Redskins. They are all against teams that are .500 or less. In saying that, the playoffs are still in sight. It may take some work but there is a still a chance.

How do you feel about the Washington Redskins after week 13? Leave a comment below.

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